New Homes

People ask us all the time, “Isn’t it hard to let our puppies and dogs go, don’t we get attached?”  Of course we do!  It is especially hard to let some of the older dogs go, that have been so important to us.  Yet,  those moments of sadness seem almost insignificant compared to the joy we are able to give the puppies/dogs and their new owners when the dogs are placed in their “forever” homes.  This past weekend, I placed 2 puppies in their “forever” homes and I look forward to staying in touch and hearing about the love and joy the puppies have brought into their new familes.-Julie

“Bella Rose”  with new owner Edwina and Martin and their granddaughterbellarose2.jpg

Also, going to her new home is, “Timbers’ For Your Eyes Only”, call name Iris.  Iris, went to live with Shelley Potter, who will co-own her with my daughter, Kaylee and myself.  I have know Shelley for years, as a student of mine ,where I teach confirmation classes.  Shelley has shown and raised Lowland Polish Sheepdogs and has always loved the look and heritage of the lhasa .Shelley contacted me, when she decided she was ready for a “show” lhasa.  I look forward, to watching Shelley fall in love with breed (we all know it is inevitable) and welcoming her into our world of the Lhasa Apso and the Fleetfire Timbers’ circle of friends.

You may have noticed Shelley has been posting comments for the past couple of months and there is a link to her website.

Timbers’ For Your Eyes Only  (9 weeks old)  “Iris”iris.jpg

Lily (Timbers’ Confidentially Yours) and Iris  13 weeks old

3 Comments on “New Homes”

  1. Edwina and Martin says:

    Dear Julie:

    Finally have time to sit down and let you know how our week-end went with Bella. It was quite the thing. We haven’t had a puppy for over 11 years so it was and experience believe me, but I think we came out on top.. She is going to be easy to train (we hope) and she finally found her voice today. She travels well, Abby was mad at us at first and since she is a large Lab it sort of intimidated Bella. She was scared of the boat noises and the airplanes but she settled down when we held her and told her not to be afraid, the noise wouldn’t hurt her.

    She sends great signals when she has to go out. She was going to the back door of the cabin and she went out when she got up and shortly after she ate or drank, but the big jobs are really funny. She runs full tilt and in circles like she’s in a panic, then she will stop and do her thing. Everytime she went out and did something, she got praised. So far she has had one accident in the house and that was because Martin had figured her out.

    She is on the way to being our baby, and no you won’t ever get her back!!!!!

    We enjoyed meeting you and your daughter. Who knows, some day we may want a companion/playmate for her. We will keep in touch as she grows up and as soon as we can get a good picture of her I’ll send some to you.

    Edwina & Martin

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Monday, Cinsha went to her new home. She’ll be living with one of my grooming clients, ShuShu, and her owner Dori. To introduce Cinsha to her new home, Dori took her for the day, leaving ShuShu with me for grooming. Within a minute after they left the parking lot, I left a message on Dori’s phone, regarding a couple of ‘overly protective mother’ items. When Dori returned my call a few minutes later, Cinsha was at her feet, on her back, getting belly scratches! All my worries evaporated!

    When Dori returned for ShuShu, Cinsha stayed in the car. Dori’s plan was to introduce the two dogs on neutral territory – the dog walking area at the end of the parking lot. I didn’t help with the introduction, as I thought it was best for Cinsha not to see me. A few minutes later, I looked out the window. ShuShu was just getting in the car. Cinsha was standing, waiting to get in, with her tail up, behaving as if she’d been with Dori and ShuShu for months instead of minutes! Further reports from Dori regarding Cinsha’s adjustment have been equally rewarding. And, I’ll get to see her on a regular basis for grooming!

    As the years have passed, I’ve learned that letting a dog go – especially an adult that has done his/her part in the show ring and/or breeding program – is cause for celebration. Am I attached? Yes. Am I sad? No. The dog ‘gets lucky’ – that’s what I tell each dog as I prepare for the separation – but I ‘get lucky’ too. Look at the wonderful people I meet! You’ve met some of them already through this blog!

  3. Edwina says:

    Took Bella to the Vet yesterday and she now weighs 6#.74. He said that she is quite the puppy and he wondered how long it would take before we got another one. He said that all dogs need another dog and so do people.

    Right now she is on the bed sleeping. She loves to be outside, found out she’s a digger and some noises still get her running for the door.

    She very much is a Lhasa and I’m glad we had one before her. She does not like to be disciplined and I sort of chuckle because she’s just like our other granddaughter, Olivia, when she was just learning to walk. She kept pushing the buttons on the radio, Martin said no and because she knew she was cute, smiled, pushed them again, smiled and Grandpa snapped her on her hand—-well no one had done that to her before and she didn’t know if she should cry or what. Bella is the same way—-she dares me to do something, haven’t decided how I’m going to address that one yet.

    We have been having fun with her tho. the biggest problem has been getting her used to the kennel when we travel and when it’s time for bed. The shhhh shhh still works but she does push buttons. She wants up on the bed and she just isn’t ready for that til she is trained completely.

    We’re heading for the cabin tomorrow. She’s really going to be confused until she figures out that she has two houses with smells at both of them. Its going to be hot I guess but we’re having our bathroom water tank changed and I hope to put new carpet in—-I’m sure Bella will want to help.

    Til later,

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