So many stories of dogs in Tibet..

Kathy shared:

Deb, I Googled:  Dogs in Tibet and there are dozens and dozens of images…clicking on a photo will reveal who took the photo and it’s location/ownership–copyright…
the Mani Stone truly caught my attention.
Wiki Definition:  Mani stones are stone plates, rocks and/or pebbles, inscribed with the six syllabled mantra of Avalokiteshvara[1] (Om mani padme hum, hence the name “Mani stone”), as a form of prayer in Tibetan Buddhism. The term Mani stone may also be used in a loose sense to refer to stones on which any mantra or devotional designs (such as ashtamangala) are inscribed. Mani stones are intentionally placed along the roadsides and rivers[1] or placed together to form mounds[1] or cairns[2] or sometimes long walls, as an offering to spirits of place or genius loci. Creating and carving mani stones as devotional or intentional process art is a traditional sadhana of piety to yidam. Mani stones are a form of devotionalcintamani.
This stone appears to tell a story about a Tibetan Mastiff…
A young monk with apso
Even the dogs join their family in prayer

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