Fleetfire Timbers “Joyous Gracie”

Heard from Mary Anna…
Hi Debby and Julie!
Attached are photos of Joyous Gracie playing in the snow here in North Carolina.  She just LOVES the snow!
The move to NC has been wonderful for both of us.  Thanks for much for this great little dog!  She entertains me (all the time) and the neighbors, too!
Mary Anna
Wolf Pen snow 1/10/11:  Gracie moved here from Charleston and just loves snow, even when the snow
is deeper than her legs are long.  Gracie wears a coat to keep the worst of the snowballs from hanging
onto her long hair.  Mom uses a hair dryer to remove the rest.
Gracie’s snow fun continues.  1/15/11.
Gracie is a litter sister to Edie, Sophie and Koyuki

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