Myth earned her novice Jumpers title !!

Last weekend Melissa’s Myth – Josie’s daughter – earned her AKC Novice Agility Jumper title! She now ‘wears’ NAJ behind her registered name. Congrats to Myth and Melissa. (Myth is also Edmund’s daughter, but he cannot take any credit for her accomplishment. <g>

3 Comments on “Myth earned her novice Jumpers title !!”

  1. Susan M says:

    Oh Katy, it’s so good to read about you and your pack. I don’t check in here very often anymore, either, but it was special to read your post and see your pictures. My foursome has also seemed to grow more and more into a cohesive unit, and few things have been so gratifying to me. We don’t do the agility stuff that seems to rule here these days, but we do eat, sleep, and play all together, and if it weren’t for my Gompas life just wouldn’t be worth the effort.

  2. Val says:

    Way to go Myth and Melissa, I am so proud of you! I can’t wait to see where the two of you go with this sport.

  3. lhasalhady says:

    I agree Val! Whew, this past +year has given me a whole new appreciation for Melissa’s abilities teaching dogs. Myth now has her Novice Standard (NA) title as well!

    Myth’s brother Elliot is still learning skills needed….or should I say his trainer is still learning skills needed! We’ve gone back to some basics – like lining up on the left side or right side. That may help with some his circling behavior as he ‘works’ on the various things I’m trying to teach him. Elliot is so fast! And he’s really good at things he’s totally comfortable with. One day Elliot and I will follow in his sister’s footsteps and enter the agility ring. What a fitting tribute to their mother it would be if her three offspring all achieved agility titles!

    BTW, Danba seems fearless with the ‘baby obstacles’ I’ve put together in the basement. Just last night he was slapping down the baby teeter, making it bang with seeming delight. Maybe I should have Elliot watch Danba… 🙂

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