Apso Report

Hi Debby,
Hope you and your family, all dogs included,  have had a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!
Just wanted to let you know how well the apso pack is doing here.  We have resolved all the  behavioral issues we had been dealing with,
and now have a great little pack of happy apsos, plus one giant dog who thinks he’s an apso.  Or maybe it’s Zeke who thinks
he’s a German Shepherd, I don’t know!
We’ve had all three apsos under the care of a great homeopath since last summer, and they have all shown remarkable
progress at eliminating some little, and a few larger problems.  Wyatt’s in house marking has been completely eliminated and he
has become my sweet, funny little clown.  He has finally started to really bond with Ken and I.  We couldn’t be happier  with him; he’s just
a great little guy.  I really love Wyatt and am so happy he came to be my boy and live with us.
Zeke also is no longer marking in the house; in fact, he’s just mellowed out and is doing very well in every respect.  No more snoring, snorking,
much increased energy and vitality, and he plays with Hunter like they were litter-mates.  In fact, he tries to do everything Hunter does, and races after
Hunter and his frisbee out in the field.  It’s amazing to see how fast he can run!  He has great stamina now, too.
Sadie is doing better, too, in every respect.  There seem to be no long-term effects from her exposure to the bio-identical hormones and we consider that issue to be resolved.  She is  my precious little girl and I adore her!  She is also a very strong alpha bitch around here, and all the boys, Hunter included, are very respectful of her, and tow the line.
No more fighting, for about a year and a half,  or more, now.  I think that is all behind us.  We have spent the past year doing a lot of obedience training
(and training me to be the pack leader in a more effective way!), and that has paid off with a more cohesive and obedient pack.  I couldn’t be happier, with all of them!
They have all been on a “prey model” raw diet for the past 13 months, and they are doing very well.  Right now, they are all eating venison and elk for their red meat, and the boys are eating chicken, while Sadie eats Cornish game hen, for their bone-in meals, supplemented with various organ meats and fish oils, and our farm eggs and a wee bit of raw goat’s milk.  I think this is the best rendition of the raw diets I have come upon, and I have the full support of my vet.  They show no symptoms of food allergies, have great poops, clean teeth,  beautiful hair, no doggie breath or odor, and are full of energy.
Hunter has proven his worth and earned his keep several times already around here, by alerting us to owls and keeping a close watch over the apsos whenever they venture out. That’s his job!  If Sadie goes out, so does he, and he follows her around like the shepherd and guardian he is.  He and Zeke are just BFF’s – you should see them play!  He lays down, sometimes rolls over on his back, and Zeke just climbs all over him!  And He and Wyatt are poke around buddies outside.  He’s an amazing dog, the epitome of what a good German Shepherd should be, and I have no regrets bringing him on board.  We had a need for him around here, and he’s more than doing his job.  He’s a gentle sweetheart and very calm, poised and thoughtful, but he has a bark like a shotgun and just his size and countenace are enough to intimidate and protect.  I chose him, with the help of a good friend, as carefully as I chose Zeke, and I think I did a good job.
I continue to enjoy the Apso Blog, but don’t get to it as much as I used to. It’s been a very busy year, training Hunter every day, attending training classes with him, and keeping the apsos up to speed, as well.  I wished for an “Ana Melara” down here, but went through three trainers and finally decided to just keep on with his training myself at home, a la Patricia McConnell!
Wishing you the very best,

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