Keeper has settled in back with his clan…

Keeper returned to his breeder, Cathy Marley, the beginning of December, after being with me since the spring of 2007. While in Colorado he sired three Gompa litters and finished his AKC Championship. Five of his nine offspring remain with me; Echo lives with friends and will also contribute to the Gompa dog breeding program. The other three – Kipu, Dawa and Karma – are beloved pets.

Some have questioned the introduction of an outside male. The reasons are fully explained in this blog post. Strategy for use of his offspring in the breeding program takes into account methods used for the  Przewalski Horse. To eliminate his offspring would also be eliminating 50% Gompa dog genes.

He claimed the end table in Cathy’s dog room right after arriving…

Here he is with his ‘Cathy-do’…

And the latest from Cathy: Keeper is in love.  Her name is Kissie.  Kissie spent about an hour this afternoon cleaning Keepers face and body.  She completely removed all the eyestain from his face.  Now he has spent several hours licking Kissie all over: – face, belly, ears,  back.  It is hilarious.  Each just lies there in ecstasy for the massage!

One Comment on “Keeper has settled in back with his clan…”

  1. Kathy says:

    What great photos and love story!!

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