Run for Glory

Recently I subscribed to the Colorado Agility list. Mostly this list keeps enthusiasts informed about upcoming trials, matches and run-throughs. But, over last Kim shared a link to a video she’d put together. This past June FRAAD hosted “Run For Glory” to honor Colorado’s retired agility dogs. I am so touched by this tribute!

The first time I watched agility – it was years ago – at a dog show, I was uplifted by the connection between the dog and owner. Every one seemed to be having fun! At least more fun than most dogs and owners in the conformation ring. Time surely paints my memory, but I recall each and every team celebrating enthusiastically at the finish line. It was then I knew some day I’d train an agility dog too.

Enjoy watching these oldsters run the course. It appears there was no formal course, each owner ran their own course. The jumps are low, poles on the ground for some of the dogs. You can see a hitch in their get-alongs, along with gray hairs. And not just the dogs! Hitches or not, the dogs Ran For Glory. And, hey! Melissa! I enjoyed watching the different handlers run a course even I understand. <g>

Keep the tissues handy…

3 Comments on “Run for Glory”

  1. Katy says:

    Major tear-jerker, but sure wonderful to watch! Aren’t dogs awesome!

    Here’s another great compilation of short videos of dogs from around the world doing what dogs do, and nothing short of amazing.
    I have two dogs that would be great at agility, Wyatt (Lhasa Apso) and Hunter (GSD). Wish there was someplace within a decent driving distance that we could go to learn. In the meantime, they do their “agility” runs daily, Wyatt especially,in the blackberry patch and garden, up, around, over and through, and out in the pasture chasing frisbees and each other!

  2. Melissa says:

    Definitely Kleenex time. It’s wonderful watching the veterans enjoying being back in the ring.
    Just wait until you witness a team getting a MACH or a PAX…

  3. Val says:

    How heart warming! Way to go! Thanks to all who made this possible for the team who have worked together for so long of time yet so short.

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