Need inspiration…

Thanks Kathy for reminding us!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

Living a life with Passion is the only way to cruise and the book and DVD, Polly’s Global Walk for breast cancer awareness is an incredibly uplifting, soulful journey by one woman, walking for 5 years around the world at 3 mph., covering 22 countries and 14,000 miles, becoming the first American woman to achieve this dream…following a dream that she held in her heart since the age of 12.
If you have been discouraged or depressed (haven’t we all been there at one time…) check this DVD or book out from the library and travel the world with Polly, inviting her determination and pure grit into your life.  She reminds you that life is precious and to celebrate your own dreams.
Ladies, don’t forget to have a mammogram!!
Love, Kathy


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