Stella -aka Bitsy – update


Hi, Debby – our lives have been pretty upside down for the past year, but wanted you to see how gorgeous our girl is now. Her personality is great – she’s very calm, and a happy little girl. All three of them are inseparable now, and often, she and Murphy will be stretched out on the floor in exactly the same position – paws crossed, etc. Cute!

They’ve all had a tough time. We sold our double wide home in June and we have been living in a log cabin high up on the hill – with no doggy door – since July 7. It has a loft and some rather treacherous stairs. Katie (the dachshund) has no fear of them and bounds up and down them; Murphy is a little cautious; and Bitsy was downright afraid of them. We’d carry her up and down from our bedroom. Finally, she got brave and would go up to the landing, gradually brave enough to go up them alone – but very slowly. She will be very happy to get into our new modular which we hope to have here and be into within two or three weeks.

Hope all is going well with you and also hope we can still take that trip to the quilt museum one of these days!


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