Musings on a Sunday morning…

…might be more like Sunday afternoon before this gets posted.

It’s been more than a week since the last blog entry. Sometimes I just need to cut myself some slack. There’s plenty of ideas saved in my @blog folder. I’ll visit that at some point today and schedule things. But, for now I’m going to write a little.

This is the Year of Images, Backroads, Backyards and Training. I haven’t taken a photo in over 2 weeks. There’s only one road – I-70 -that leads to the dog shows in Eagle. My backyard remains full of slash. Edie’s currently a class dropout. Sometimes I just need to cut myself some slack.

Life does feel like it’s slowed down a little, in spite of working five days most weeks. That’s exactly what I wanted with the Year of Images, Backroads, Backyards and Training. The slowing down, not necessarily working five days a week. Perception? Perhaps. As corny as this sounds, FlyLady has helped. Morning routine. Afternoon routine. Before bed routine. And her Eleven Commandments. I still haven’t figured out how to seamlessly work in daily computer time. (Which may be one reason I always felt behind! Giving higher priority to the computer than the simple pleasures in life – like place mats and candles at dinner. Or taking 5 minutes to sit down with a drink after work.)

For the first time in years I won’t be attending the Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club’s Specialty weekend. And, hopefully, I’ll need Plan B for the Lhasa Apso Club of Central Colorado’s Specialty weekend. Why? Puppies! Puppies! Chandra’s ultrasound Thursday showed at least three puppies. Khamma is the sire. Here’s the pedigree of the expected puppies.

Nagpo has also been bred to Khamma. She’ll be ultrasounded the second week in August. I’m hopeful for similar results likes Chandra’s. Here’s that pedigree.

These two breedings represent the work that’s been put into continuing the Gompa dog lineage. Those of you that have followed this know that it hasn’t been easy. In the spring of 2007 I enlisted the help of reproductive specialist Dr. Milan Hess. These two breedings are the result of diligent work with Dr. Hess, first introducing an outcross – Keeper – Kai-La-Sha Keepsake -to determine if the bitches could carry a litter full-term. Those bitches were Chandra, Nagpo and Ponya. Ponya was too old to breed again, but fortunately she produced Margo (along with Dawa). Chandra produced Akasa and Sky (along with Kipu and Karma). Nagpo produced Siku, Whisper and Echo. Since Nagpo and Chandra produced nice puppies with Keeper, the next step was to breed them to a (100%) Gompa. Keep your fingers crossed!!! Those puppies will have Tibetan names for patience, persistence, tenacity…you get the idea!

I don’t want to jinx the third breeding by writing about it. I haven’t allowed myself to put together a pedigree. For now, I’ll simply say if it too is successful I’ll be whelping two litters the weekend of the LACCC Specialty shows. That trumps a dog show, including a Specialty. Oh, and Chandra’s due date is August 21 – 23, the weekend of the TCLAC Specialty.

The  Year of Images, Backroads, Backyards and Training. Since I’m cutting myself slack…

My images are now easily accessible and I was able to put together the above pedigree pages with relative ease.

I do take backroads if possible. I love backroads! Last week, after making the I-70 drive home Sunday afternoon (with record traffic recorded the two previous weekends) from the Eagle shows Vickie and I took time for burgers and beer (or a Bloody Mary) at the bar across the street from my shop. And we did take a backroad into Evergreen.

My perennial garden, neglected last year, far from perfect this year, has rewarded my clean-up efforts with blooms. Rather than a vegetable garden, there’s a vegetable table on the deck where tomatoes are growing on the two tomato plants among the lettuce, radishes and cilantro. The herbs in the window box are large and lush. Geraniums, Cosmos and a water fountain beckon me to stop and smell the…well, there are no roses. I smell the fresh mountain air instead.

Edie has made the transition from kennel dog to house dog. Ultrasound results will determine when she starts back up with agility. She can do the A-frame, the dogwalk, a short tunnel and her favorite the jumps. Elliot doggedly continues agility. Keeper started Family Dog yesterday. Zen was suppose to be in that class but came into heat. With the females coming in and out of heat the past several weeks, Keeper seemed like a good choice. He needs focus work and lead work. I was pleasantly surprised with his participation in class. He took dc (doggie crack) from me and Ana.

Indeed it is now Sunday afternoon. Time to step away from the computer and take some photos. Or put some photos in an album. Or read a book. Or spend some time in the garden. After all, according to FlyLady, today is Renew Your Spirit day.

11 Comments on “Musings on a Sunday morning…”

  1. Hello Debbvy Enjoy your blog s. I read everyday after I checkm bank statement and then yours and then the race track (smile). I also belong to Flylady , have the calender, water bottle, timer. I have really accomplished shinning my sink (smile). Kind of slow on the other thing, but read her e-mails also everday

    Roadie is still laid back and now lets me know when my son comes down from the 3rd floor by barking. Having a little trouble with the left ear keeping it clean. He is doing a little scratching, but he never has any fleas or an thing or that sort. Licks he feet now and then. Does not scratch once he is asleep for the night.

    Not eating he raw diet too much, I guess because it has been so hot.



  2. Susan M says:

    I found a new groomer for my four Gompas, and she had a recommendation for the ears. Rinchen is the only one with an ear “issue”, but she suggested a mix of Tea Tree Oil (1/2) and Olive Oil (1/2) to clear them out.

    I got the Tea Tree Oil and mixed it up with the Olive Oil in a brown bottle with a dropper. Then I cut up some old cotton sheeting. I drop the oil into RInchen’s ear, massage it a bit, let him shake if he wants to, and them put a square of the sheeting over my pinkie and start mopping up in his ear canal. I’m still getting dark debris out of there, but it feels like a really good and safe way to deal with the little buggers.

    I’ll be glad when the results come out clear, but for now I’m still mopping out brown goo….


  3. thank you Susan for the advice. My vet gave me a white cream in a tube, which I have benn using. I will try the tea tree oil and olive oil. Hve to buy the tea tree oil.


  4. Susan M says:

    Alma, I also did not have Tea Tree Oil in my arsenal. I did, however, find lots of it. The only real advice I got when shopping for it was NOT to buy the Desert Essence brand because Desert Essence has never seen fit to put their product into the brown bottles, and therefor it is subject to breaking down faster and unnecessarily. It has an intriguing smell, which lingers but is not offensive….definitely better than that dark musky smell of gonky lhasa ears….:-))))

  5. gail duboe says:

    Susan, are you sure its not yeast rather than mites? I have been using Zymox Otic…Its enzymatic and for ear infections and doesn’t require prescriptions etc….One must be cautious with Tea Tree oil as it is very strong stuff and very heating to the dog’s body….Look up Zymox and see what you think…Its very gentle…..Also look up what Apple Cider Vinegar can do for ear cleaning…I have been doing lots of reading this week on yeast infections because they are SO common in shelter dogs…ARGGGGGHHHHHH!!! skin stuff is frustrating…but I think I am getting a handle on it…….

  6. Susan M says:

    Good point on the Tea Tree Oil, and that’s the reason I dilute the Tea Tree Oil with an equal amount of Olive Oil — to balance the toxicity of the TTO.

    I have made up a dilution of Apple Cider Vinegar and Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning their ears before, but somehow the oils seem much more soothing, and I was going with the theory that they were needing cleaning as much as treating.

    Still….thanks for the heads up and I will keep doing more research.


  7. Susan M says:

    Gail, do you use the Zymox with or without Hydrocortizone?


  8. gail duboe says:

    Sorry, just saw this….Pet Vet near me only had the Zymox with cortisone. But I would prefer it without…the less cortisone in the body, the better…

  9. gail duboe says:

    Susan, the ear wash I like for general cleaning is Halo Herbal Natural Pet Wash Solution…It is one of the gentlest I know and doesn’t have alcohol…I get at Whole Foods…have used it for years….

  10. Susan M says:

    Okay, I may well be preaching to the choir here, but I did just learn something interesting today. I was fretting (yup….me, the queen of fret) about how to treat Rinchen’s ears and how to decide if he had yeast or mites and….guess what: “The yeast infection, known as Malassezia otitis, is often the result of a reaction to ear mites”. Two for the price of one….

    So, I have an Rx for MalOtic that seems to have originally belonged to Sammy, but now it’s going into Rinchen’s ears. It clearly says it is for yeast infection in the ears, so…

    I’m gonna try it. Zymox hasn’t shown up yet at any of the local places I have checked (uh, make that the one local place I have checked), but I will look again tomorrow at the other feed store when I go to get Nature’s Variety for all of them, and have it on hand.


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