Fish Oil Better than Flax Oil for Dogs

Leaving for the weekend…without pre-scheduled blog posts. Until next week, I leave you with this from Katy:




> The VitalChoice product includes A and D. Naturally occurring I believe. I

> didn’t compare amounts to other foods in the USDA Nutrient Database; you’ll

> have to do that yourself.


What about flaxseed oil? Doesn’t it have the same benefit?


Nope, not for dogs.

What flaxseed has is a precursor to linolenic acid: alpha linolenic acid. Because this oil is plant-based, it converts very inefficiently to Omega 3, losing as much as 97% of its value.


Flaxseed and FSO are counterproductive for carnivores; generally acting as an inflammatory, the very thing Omega 3 is fed to reduce.


No plant-based oil will have the benefits of any animal-based oil, for a dog.

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