Family Fun Time!

Okay, so I’ve mentioned The FlyLady before… For over a week I’ve been sharing the Daily Flight Plan with Vickie and Athena. Vickie shared this after receiving Saturday’s Flight Plan.

Saturday at FlyLady is especially fun because it’s the day we have Family Fun Time! This a special time just for you and your loved ones to spend time renewing your relationships with each other.

Did just that!!  We went canoeing on a local lake with my niece, her husband, and the 11-year old grandnephew in prep for the June river trip.  Dante had his first boat ride and, as expected, took it all in stride …

2 Comments on “Family Fun Time!”

  1. Melissa says:

    Dante sure looks like he enjoyed himself…..and his “new” do.

  2. Thanks, Melissa … Dante had a *great* day and blast with the grandnephew who obligingly play ball with him most of the evening.

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