Best haircuts ever!

And from Katy:

Hi Debby,
Thanks so much for all the good info regarding Apso grooming!
I got my Coat King, slicker brush and greyhound comb on Thursday, spent most of Friday (it seemed like!) working on Wyatt.
Sadie was easy and Zeke only needed a “once-through”.  Today they all got baths and finished up their haircuts.  They look soooo good!
Stripping out the undercoat, especially on Wyatt, made all the difference!  You can actually feel Wyatt’s ribs now!  Sadie’s hair is lying down and even parts down the middle!  Zeke is just gorgeous.  All three tools are just invaluable; it made the difference between being able to groom them successfully, and struggling all day.  I only needed the clippers to do their belly.  I’m very confident that I’ll be able to keep their hair longer, and them looking like the beautiful Apsos they are, now.  Thanks again!


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