Rumor update

Judy shared the following:

Hi Julie,

Just an update on beautiful little Rumor. Warm weather has finally arrived in Northwest Indiana, although last week the temperature was 20 degrees with 50 mph wind gusts. Rumor is doing very well in agility. She loves the tunnel and is jumping quite well. She has attended one class with Leslie, but that was an obedience class. Once the weather warms up she will attend agility outdoors with a class. It’s easy at home to work one on one with her because she is a good listener. She and Izzy are still almost joined at the hip. They are great buddies, and sleep curled up together. She still is afraid of men wearing work boots, so she isn’t at our office furniture store very much. She is tentative around our grandchildren (ages 7-17) but they have Odie who loves to play with them.

I love the website. It contains so much information.

Thanks again for trusting us with Rumor.


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