Backroads to Scottsbluff

Last Friday, taking the backroads, I met Vickie in Scottsbluff, Nebraska…

The motel was across the street from cornfields…

Keeper picked up two points. Jill picked up two points. Elliot wanted the ‘no-hair-on-the-head’ look. He didn’t like not being able to see. Dante won Best of Breed both days and made the cut in the group on Saturday.

This year, in yet another attempt to slow down the pace of my life, my mantra is Images, Backroads and Backyards. Cornfields and cockle burrs may not appeal to most. For me, they are memories of my past. As I left the fairgrounds, I made a loop through the RV parking. Years ago, Nate traveled with Mary and I in her motor home to dog shows in many states. I loved the Scottsbluff Country Fairgrounds because there was a playground at the end of the RV parking. We would snag the spot closest to the playground. This is all that remains of that playground. If you look closely, traces of the path where children of yesteryear swung around and around this pole remain.

2 Comments on “Backroads to Scottsbluff”

  1. shelley says:

    is it really possible to slow down?

  2. Sondra says:

    i loved your notes about Scottsbluff brings back memories that I haven’t thought about for years.

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