Sing Them Home

Has anyone read this book by Stephanie Kallos?

From a review by Nancy Pearl/NPR online:

Sing Them Home is simply wonderful. It’s a welcome tonic to those of us who look back with great longing to Anne Tyler’s early novels. . . . that is, those of us hungry for books with quirky, flawed, yet realistic and beloved characters who leap off the page into our arms and refuse to leave. I didn’t want Sing Them Home ever to end.

I didn’t either! Sitting on a display table at my local library, I was drawn in by the cover and the librarian’s critique. Set in southeastern Nebraska, I couldn’t resist picking it up as my holiday read. Little did I know it would keep me company as the freakin’ creepin’ crud settled into my lungs Wednesday, making it difficult to sleep. With regret, I finished Sing Them Home.

Not feeling like doing much of anything , hoping to nurse this cold into oblivion, I’ve started another enthralling book..


Read anything good lately?

2 Comments on “Sing Them Home”

  1. shelley says:

    Busy reading (or trying to) Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. I’m directing it in the spring…such a lot of detail. May read the cheater and pick up your suggestion instead.

  2. Susan says:

    Ah, I sooooooo love a good fiction read.
    I’ve put both of the Kallos books on my request list at the library.

    I discovered a new author over the holidays — Jeffrey Lent. His most recent is called After You’ve Gone. Here’s are some reviews

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