A New Year

Ready to fling off the cloak of Winter’s Embrace, I awoke to daylight this crisp morning in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Given it’s only January 3rd, the cloak hangs by the door, ready at a moment’s notice. With the winter solstice came the promise of more daylight with each passing day. Symbols of this ancient celebration are all around us.

On New Year’s Eve Jason inquired about resolutions. Resolutions? “But, Debby, you have a number of goals. They’re the same thing.” Goals. These are achievable, something I can work towards. Resolutions seem self-defeating. Perhaps because New Year’s resolutions generally last a short period of time. At least from my perspective.

Rick, Nate, Kelly and I, along with Chuck and Buckley, snug and cozy in Sleek Sue spent the holidays in Nebraska. No expectations. No pressure. No extreme gift giving. Just time, mellow time, with family. Plenty of food. Plenty of drink.  Out maneuvering the weather was the only challenge. Arriving on Christmas Eve in Omaha, we spent a couple of days with Rick’s brothers. Chuck immediately made himself at home…

Snow and lights set the stage…

 Saturday I arrived home…

All of Lori’s kids – and their kids – also came home. We slept just over the hill at Kelly’s house on Valli Hi Road. Lori lives on Eisenhower…

It was so good to be Home For The Holidays!

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