Ginny and Ethan win Best Bred-by at AKC Eukanuba National Championship!!

These emails, along with an exicted voice message from Ginny, were waiting for me last night when I got home from Nate’s graduation.

Just heard from Ginny — heard the news about Ethan winning Bred by Exhibitor.  CONGRATULATIONS!! from Little E’s brothers here in NY. Have a great holiday!!  Rose

What a nice day for Ginny, ‘eh?!

Ginny wasn’t sure if her message to you went through.  Ethan and her won Best Bred by at the Eukanuba!!!!!  She didn’t do anything in group-it should be on the web.

Here’s a photo of Ginny and Ethan, taken the day he finished his Championship, from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class under breeder/judge Richard Camacho…

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