I’m baaaack…

After being gone for a week, I arrived home yesterday afternoon. Rick flew in Thursday, picked me up and off we went to sight-see for a couple of days. Sight-seeing in the rain makes for some rather interesting images, which I’ll share later.

The dogs did awesome National Specialty week, from Stevie’s 5-point major to Margo’s wagging tail to agility superstar Josie. With the exception of two third places – and, hey, third ain’t bad National Specialty week! – each FFT dog won her class each day shown. There were a total of four Specialties; each girl entered a bit differently, showing one day perhaps not another. Stevie – FFT Take The Money And Run – started the week off with Best of Winners from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class and ended it with RWB at the National. Not bad for a puppy! Ella – FFT Melou Well Said – won the open bitch class twice. Candice – FFT U Can Do Magic – won the open bitch class under Ray Sledzik and placed 3rd at the National.

Wednesday Melissa ran both Suds and Josie in agility, for a total of 5 runs. Wow! Run! Josie! Run! She is phenomenal! Fast as the wind and full of enthusiasm. I mean FULL of enthusiasm. She was, bar none, the best dog running. So fun to watch! Suds was solid in both his runs, with good times, earning a new title. Let’s see if I can get this right….I’m trying to learn the agility details. He earned his last qualifying score for his Agility Novice title – denoted with NA after his name. And a ribbon with Bling!


Before heading to work, with lots more to tell, I want to share this photo I took in-camera from the window of the Motel 6 Rick and I stayed in.


2 Comments on “I’m baaaack…”

  1. shelley says:

    HOW does Melissa do that! So wanted Iris to be the agility gal and she would have none of it…

  2. Miki says:

    Take a look at Sud’s and Josie’s pedigree. They are 30 years of selective breeding not only for show quality, (both Champions) but also for soundness of body and temperament, the true family dog. Temperament has also been a deciding factor, from 4-H, junior showmanship, and happy companions. Thank you and thumbs up to Melissa for utilizing and bringing out their natural ability.

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