Rita goes home

 I am tickled pink about this arrangement! Twenty years ago, when I purchased Mountain Pet Grooming, both Jo Ann and her mother Dorothy were clients. Jo Ann had a Shih Tzu named Butch. Dorothy had an Apso named Smokey. The years came. The years went. Smokey died. Butch died. Dorothy got another Lhasa Apso, Angel, from a local breeder. The years came. The years went. Dorothy died. Of course Angel went to live with Jo Ann. The years came. The years went. Jo Ann’s husband died. Her grandson was born. She moved down-the-hill. Still, every two weeks I groomed Angel. Several months ago Angel died. It felt like a permanent fixture, a fixture that had been there for over 20 years, was gone. Jo Ann has a great outlook on life. She’s beautiful inside and out. I missed seeing her!

Was I ever delighted when she asked to meet Rita!


Samantha, on the other hand, wasn’t… 


She came and borrowed Rita one evening for a photo session. I’m looking forward to seeing those photos!

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