Braggin’ about Mary’s Roman!

Mary, you must be very proud!


From Mary:

Julie, just had to share this from my trainer at Cloud Nine.  Dawn is
owner/trainer who has quite an ackomplishment list in conformation,
obedience, agility with all her dogs.   Since I can’t take credit for the
genetics, thought I should pass it on to you.   I will probably have her run
him at a future AKC event for agility.  It is fun to see how well he runs
with an experienced handler.


—–Original Message—–

From: Dawn

Hi Mary:

I just have to tell you how awesome I think Roman is. We all know dogs are a
product of their genetics and their environment. Clearly you started with a
great dog but you’ve also turned him into quite an amazing fellow. He really
is a highlight of any class you attend with him (and you’re pretty fun
yourself), and I’m so grateful you chose my training school for his
educational needs because I can’t imagine not having had the pleasure of
knowing him (and you!)!

If you ever need a guest handler at an AKC agility trial for Roman, please
put me at the top of the list. I would be so honored to run the little guy!


3 Comments on “Braggin’ about Mary’s Roman!”

  1. Yes, very proud. Roman has such a fun personality, and tolerates many human inadequacies… I was shocked at Dawn’s offer. Thanks for putting this on the web, thought I’d just brag a bit to Julie, didn’t expect she’d pass it on. We are entered in an AKC agility event at Soccer Blast, Aug. 25. The plan is Dawn will run Roman in the Open Jumpers run, his first Open class. I will run him in the standard, we’re still in Novice. He runs very well with others. Melissa has also run him in an event; he loved it.

  2. Kudos to Roman and Mary for being such excellent ambassadors of the breed! Wishing you both continued success in your “run” for titles. Y’all are just an awesome team …

  3. Melissa says:

    Having had the pleasure of running Roman, I can say Mary has done an Awesome job with his training!!! Keep up the good work!

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