Rumor goes to her Forever Home

Rumor is no longer Center Stage. At least not Center Stage here at FFT!


Maybe Judy can fill us in on the latest. Here’s what she wrote about a week ago:

Hi Julie,   

 We spent 7 1/2 our on the road yesterday and at all 3 stops she took care of  business.  We brought her into the backyard and then let our dogs out. They were so glad to ssee us, especially Odie, that the intro went very well. The evening was fine. We live in a tri-level and she watched eveyone from the top of the stairs. She went  out when the two went out and came back in with no problem.  She certainly is a loving dog. She loves to be picked up. She and Izzy seem to be doing fine.  They sit next to each other on the stairs. 
Odie has always been more interested in what we do, so he and Orange Kitty just walk by Rumor. She has yet to bark.  We had roofers all day today and there wasn’t a sound from her.  She didn’t eat her dinner last night, but she was hungry this morning!
The dogs are in and out alot during the day, so there haven’t been any accidents.  Tonight we walk with our neighbors who have a standard poodle, so we will see how that goes.
Izzy (the Princess) only goes for walks if she feels like it.
 I feel we are doing very well. She and Izzy are my shadows.  She has her stitches out Wednesday.
 Thanks again for trusting us with such a sweet little dog.  We will keep in touch.
Judy and John

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