Ponya up front and relaxed

Monday Morning Ponya picture


3 Comments on “Ponya up front and relaxed”

  1. gail d. says:

    She looks like an Ewok….Has she settled in? How is she doing? How are she and Sammy?

  2. Susan M says:

    Perfect timing for the question about her settling. Just this morning she made a giant leap into packdom. All the dogs sleep on the bed with me (or rather they let me sleep on a small sliver of one side of the bed with THEM), and in the morning Raji lets me know it’s time to get up and feed them by doing her throat-clearing harummmmph until I get with the program and get up. I roll over, Rinchen runs up my chest, Raji rolls around and snuggles, and Sammy waits until the blondes take off for the kitchen for coming in for his rubbing. To date, Ponya has just stayed curled up next to my head and watched. But this morning I rolled over and found her wrestling with both Sammy and Raji…..WOOT !!!! Integration is a beautiful thing.

    Over the past few days I’ve seen her lying on the front porch right next to Raji, although if she catches me watching she always comes away to me, so I really have to sneak up on her not to disturb her in her slow breaking away from me. And now this morning she has moved out onto the playing floor (known in other houses as the living room floor, I’m sure) with the other dogs instead of hunkering into her corner of the couch or snugging up next to me in this chair.

    I’d say she’s feeling just fine !!!! On Monday I am leaving for 5 days and my friend and her dog will stay here with my pooches. I’m laying odds that that period will firmly connect her with them….

    She’s absolutely perfect !!!!

  3. Susan M says:

    I don’t have any new pictures, but I do have some words. Ponya is now completely integrated into the pack and has definitely added a whole new dynamic. We/I call her Pony (leaving the “ya”) off, and always laugh to myself that finally, finally, as a very big girl I have the pony that every little girl longs for…..

    Anyway, Pony is still timid in her own ways; if I put her food down on the floor and don’t back away, she still tends to bolt in the other direction. It’s a hard call for her: she really really loves to eat…..I can tell, because as I’m preparing their food, she squeaks….well, it’s somewhere between a squeak and a whimper as she stands at the other end of the kitchen counter and waits impatiently for me to get it all ready. If I’m too slow, she finally escalates into a bark…..She is definitely getting a sense of her own self !!!!!

    And, she comes when called. For example, last night she slept in the living room while the other dogs slept with me in my bed. So, this morning when we all woke up and started our morning romp, I called her name and she came dashing in and hopped up on the bed to roll and tumble with the rest of us.

    She’s definitely HOME. And my new definition of the perfect pack size is — 4.

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