Debby on…critiques

A few days ago, organizing some memorbilia for my Library of Memories, I can upon a critique of the June 17, 1989 Greater Milwaukee Lhasa Apso Club Specialty. Some of you may have heard stories about this Specialty. It was held in a bar. The judge was Jo Ann Rogers. Finding the critique triggered memories, including those of Jo. You see, she was mom’s really good friend. Jo lived in Kansas. They talked on the phone weekly. As a kid, when mom took me to the Wichita dog shows, we stayed with Jo in her lovely home. She was a great storyteller. Many nights we stayed up until the wee hours, tears from laughter rolling down our faces. I had actually forgotten she judged the Specialty in the bar. Jo and mom used to joke about going to the nursing home together. They’d find one that served cocktails at 5 and allowed dogs. Or at least Standard Poodles!

This photo of Jo was taken at mom’s house. She’s critiquing a litter of Standards, bred by mom. That’s my sister Kelly handling the puppy Jo’s going over. Note the black poodle ‘hex sign’ in the gable of mom’s grooming shop.


 And here’s her Specialty critique…




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