True Tibetan Terriers?

Recently Andrea shared this article, from the Tibetan Terrier Association’s Journal, with me.  Not pictured in the article, this link takes you to photos of a Tibetan Terrier bitch imported into Europe. I’m curious what the rest of you think… 

Here’s a photo of a male down from her…


2 Comments on “True Tibetan Terriers?”

  1. shelley says:

    longer in leg and square…a very different expression, i agree. taller than the tibetans i’ve known…sparser coat. strange looking.

  2. Julie says:

    I commend the man who wrote the article!! In their rush to bring “new” bloodlines into the breed, the are rapidly destroying it. “Kanzie” from the one picture looks like a nice structure, moving dog and I will even say I can see the TT in him. But to see the offspring! They are not purebred TT. Everything, from the proportion of balance, height, expression, and coat tells you that these puppies that are being produced from the ‘New” dog are not purebred. All you have to do is see all the “designer” dogs being bred (if you are ignorant about genetics) to see that one litter or one dog can look like its counterpart sire or dam and the next generation you see qualities from the otherside. I feel the people who imported and those who are using these dogs in their breeding program are doing and injustice to the breed. Have the guts to say (now that you have seen the offspring) that oops! I made a mistake. And if they are not willing to stand up to the mistake, for godsake, the judges who are judging these offspring need to assert the power given to them and deny these puppies award in the ring, do to lack of merit.

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