Stella goes home

Yesterday Stella went to her new home. It was delightful meeting Nancy! This won’t be the last time. We made plans to visit the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in the future. Nancy lives at the base of the Snowy Range Mountains in Wyoming. She’s an avid quilter, works in a quilt store and teaches quilt classes. Her sister is an art quilt judge. Stella will be joining Murphy, another Lhasa Apso, and Katy, a smooth-haired miniature dachshund. Nancy prepares home-made food for Murphy due to allergies. She prefers red wine. Doesn’t she sound like ‘one of us’?!


Here’s Murphy…


I liked the way Nancy let Stella’s natural curiosity lead their introduction. Stella was in a pen when Nancy arrived at the shop. I took Stella out of the pen, handed her to Nancy and they cuddled a bit. Shortly after we headed across the street to One World Cafe for lunch. Back at the shop, Stella roamed free while we continued to talk, talk, talk. I could tell Nancy was aware of what Stella was doing, but allowed her to explore. Stella loved the broom! When Stella showed interest in Nancy, Nancy would make playful overtures. Nancy responded to Stella interest; she didn’t ‘push’ herself on Stella. After some time passed…perhaps an hour or so…Stella seemed very comfortable with Nancy…almost flirting with her. I don’t know if Nancy was intentionally waiting for Stella to exhibit this level of comfort or if it’s just the way things worked out. It sure seemed like a nice transition from my hands to hers.  

decide. As we talked, rather than overwhelming the puppy, she allowed Stella’s curiosity

6 Comments on “Stella goes home”

  1. shelley says:

    How wonderful…I do prefer an oaky chardonnay, tho’

  2. Can’t wait to hear of Murphy and Stella’s antics … after Murphy’s nose gets back into place lol.

  3. lhasalhady says:

    From Nancy:

    Hi, Debby –

    We got home about a half hour ago – home meaning Centennial, that is. Stella already thought she lived in Cheyenne.

    She’s doing great … very gutsy little girl! On Thursday evening she was baffled by the stairs – but after we helped her up a couple of times she was zooming up and down the stairs – skipping the last step and jumping into the living room. Very cute. She mastered jumping up onto the loveseat very quickly, as well.

    She and Katie are doing very well, though Katie occasionally growls at her. Stella wants to play with Murphy so badly but he is not cooperating yet. She sits right against him and he lets her do that, but won’t play with her. He just growls at her, but at least isn’t being aggressive. He’ll come around, I know.

    She also likes the homemade food – I’m giving her a small amount with her Diamond food, then will gradually introduce the Wellness and increase the amount of homemade stuff.

    As I write this she is sitting beside me just looking at me. Murphy is curled up (as usual) under my computer desk. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you (Jerry really likes her, too) and to tell you how much I enjoyed our meeting. I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure Murphy will come around. He was mad at me when I brought Katie home, and made up with her pretty quickly. I cannot imagine how he could resist this little character.


    PS – she is doing great in the kennel at night. I keep it on my side of the bed where I can keep an eye on her. She whimpers about 4:30-5:00 and I get up and let them all three outside. That seems to work great. Then she gets to crawl all over us in bed until we get up. She loves that.

  4. Nancy Pieper says:

    Hello, Debby! Just an update on Stella and the crew. Things are becoming pretty peaceful as they learn to play together. She and Murphy were chasing each other around a chair in the living rom this morning, and she and Katie actually lay in my lap together in the big chair.

    I’ve forgotten a few things about puppies; i.e., laundry day is really a lot of fun. As I piled things up she grabbed stuff and ran to the dog bed with it. I also have to watch her so she doesn’t eat twigs and leaves when we go outside.

    She’s also doing well with the potty routine – though I suspect I’m the one being trained instead of her! However, she goes out very willingly – doesn’t care what the weather is doing or if it is dark or daylight – and goes potty and we head back inside.

    Jerry (my husband) decided on an impromptu trip to Cheyenne yesterday (80 miles east) and decided to take her along. He had a great time, introducing her to friends of his and stopping to take her out a couple of times during the ride.

    What fun we are all having!


  5. lhasalhady says:

    We love updates. Thanks! Hey, Nancy did you notice your avatar quilt square is black and white? WordPress generates those for people without an individual avatar. How did they know you’re working on a black and white quilt?

  6. Nancy says:

    Yes, I did notice the avatar quilt square is black and white! That’s funny. They must be totally psychic!!!

    I can barely hear right now – Katie and Stella (unfortunately being called Bitsy as she answers to it immediately) are chasing each other around the house and Katie is barking. What fun they are having! Murphy still sits back and looks sad a lot of the time, but all three were chasing each other around the big chair in the living room last night. Oh, I take it back – Murphy is now bringing up the rear!

    We’re making great progress. Katie and Stella curl up together in the mornings and sleep a little longer.


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