Faye on…infiltration

Here’s a lovely little piece of crap that has shown up on a feed reader that I get to my office (websense blocks the real thing) –

I’m a closet gamer – and this is my game of choice.  World of Warcraft is a massive (11 million plus subscribers) multiplayer online roleplaying game.  Blizzard is the parent company/developer of this game.  They already have one cloaked PETA reference quest in the game which I refuse to do it’s called DEHTA’s little PITA – and I can find the meaning of the acronyms if anybody really wants.
This is a fine example of just how far PETA has infiltrated in to our everyday lives.  Granted most of you will not actually be able to do anything about this crap in game but the blog has a comments section that if you should feel so inspired to leave comment on would be wonderful.  Another option would be to contact Blizzard directly and let them know about how very wrong this is…..
I know I will be doing this when I get home and can access the site fully.
Faye Lowther
TillaRox Lhasa Apsos

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