Debby…has to share the news.

Ponya is going to live with Susan and her Gompa Clan sometime around Memorial Day. I am delighted! What better place to live out her retirement years?! Ponya has lived as a pack member her entire life. She arrived with her dam, Irdhi, in the original ten Gompas delivered on my door step. She is a gentle dog, never instigating confrontation.

The first time several of the Gompas were seen in public – November 2002 – Ponya, along with her grandfather Katu, was there…


She participated in the Tibet – Remembering Our Past – St. Louis in 2004…


She achieved her Championship (shush, don’t tell anybody) through the International Kennel Club…


Melissa took this photo of her in 2007 during Apsos On The Mountain…


And she is, of course, the mother of latest Gompa puppies, Margo and Dawa…


Had Susan not agreed to accept Ponya in her California Gompa Clan, she would have lived out her years here. I cannot explain that decision. Ceese has always said the Gompas need to be with their clan. For Ponya, I feel (not think, feel) she needs to be with her relatives. I cannot explain that either. All I know is Ponya was either going to live with Susan’s Clan or stay here with The (everchanging) Clan She’s Known Since Puppyhood. Susan was…oh drat, I cannot find the email, so I’ll substitute the intention of her words…Susan was honored I would want her to provide Ponya a Forever Home. Heck, I’m sure you guys would agree, can you think of anyone more qualified? As Vickie wrote, “Yes! I’d love to live in Susan’s garden.” 

I can’t wait to see photos of Ponya enjoying California’s sunshine, I can’t wait to hear Susan’s stories and see Susan’s photos of Ponya integrating into that California Clan. I’m sure the rest of you agree. What a great thing! We’d all love to live in Susan’s garden!

10 Comments on “Debby…has to share the news.”

  1. Kathy says:

    Did you know that Ponya is the Hopi word given to sacred sand paintings in the Hopi creation story?

  2. Katy says:

    Hooray for Susan and her willing Gompa Clan to accept Ponya and bring her “home” again, back to her Clan, there in Susan’s Gompa Apso Garden.
    There are so many heros in this Gompa Saga, and Susan is certainly one of them.
    I wish you nothing but sunshine and happiness!

  3. Susan M says:

    I can hardly wait !!!!
    We’ve decided that we WILL wait until the end of May, because we are already overcommitted either to doggie guests or to my being away during May itself. My three dogs are all with the program with varying levels of enthusiasm. Raji (14) who has only been here for 2 years herself thinks that any dog who isn’t here should be and is ready to welcome her. Sammy (4) can hardly wait for someone who will play with him. And Rinchen (5), and my first Gompa, is resigned as usual.
    Me….I’m really looking forward to having another girl. I can go from saying “Okay, Boys and Granny” to “Okay, Boys and Girls”……:-)))))))

  4. Susan M says:

    Okay, so I lied.
    We can’t wait.
    We’re now aiming for a California arrival on or about April 17th.
    WOOT !!!!!!

  5. Susan M says:

    Hearing about losing Tamdin sent me to the registry of Gompas to see who is related to whom.
    Although I don’t think any of my dogs is related to Tamdin, I did find that both of my boys (Rinchen and Tsante/Sammy) and Ponya all have the same father — Nyima.

    Of course with such a small stock of these Gompas, it’s not surprising, and although I’ve probably known most of this before, I’m surprised anyway.

  6. Susan M says:

    How is she?
    If I remember correctly she had surgery on Tuesday?
    Have you told her she is coming to CA?

    What will she miss most about being in CO?
    You? Her mates? The weather???


  7. Debby says:

    Monday, it was Monday. She also had a dental. When I picked her Monday evening she was wide awake and happy, her usual self. As two vet techs were bringing her and Anna down the back hallway, I over heard, “her Lhasa Apsos are always happy!”

    Every morning I tell her she’s going to California soon. I tell her she’ll be living with relatives, including her aunt Raji, and especially with a special lady named Susan. I’ve told her Panchen lived the last months of his life, cared for by Susan. I tell her she’ll live lots of happy years there. I tell her about the garden. And the sunshine. Ponya loves to sun bathe. I tell her more than any place in the world, it’s the place I want her to be. She looks me intently in the eye when I tell her these things.

    I gave her the ‘smellies’ Monday night. She’s been sleeping with them in her bed. She doesn’t push them out. Since Wednesday night, her and Anna have been together in the ‘recovery pen’. Anna has honored the ‘smellies’ not snatching them from Ponya’s bed.

    More than her lady friends, me, Samantha or Carol, she’ll miss her daughter Margo. She still plays with her, especially each morning after breakfast.

  8. Susan M says:

    Oh boy….I mean girl….
    We can hardly wait.
    Or at least Sammy and I can hardly wait.
    Rinchen and Raji are vaguely indifferent, but Sammy is going to be thrilled !!!!
    We think we are counting down now….that she will be coming a week from today? WOOT !!!!!
    Maybe I’ll go today and buy a new bed for her….just for her….
    All the dogs share all the many beds, but it would probably be nice to have one that HER smellies can go directly into when she gets here.
    My sister is going to drive to the airport with me to pick her up so that I can hold her for the first part of the journey home from the airport. After I leave Jane off on the way home, I’ll pop her into the carrier that fits right between my chest and the steering wheel….Or I will if she’s small enough. Sammy was too long for the carrier from day one. Both Rinchen and Panchen fit into it perfectly.


  9. Susan M says:

    And, one more thing:
    What are the plans for Margo?
    Where will she be growing up?

  10. Debby says:

    Margo will follow in her mother’s footsteps, living here in the mountains with The Ladies, including ladies from Her Clan. After she has contributed to the gene pool, she will be placed in a Forever Home…which will be a few years down the road.

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