Kathy on…an outdoor bathtub!

Monday morning. Ah, how I would like to linger in my library. Spent the last hour in OneNote, putting together a timeline for next fall’s presentation on the Native Stock Committee and an update on the Gompas. The photo for my current layout sits mid-process; the image of Dale Chihuly’s sculpture will have to wait. Wanting to stay connected…what is that?…why is that? I simply had to share on the blog before proceeding with my day.

Stepping off the soapbox and into the tub! From Kathy:

This book  is lovely…smiled when I saw the old bathtub photo…Kathy


One Comment on “Kathy on…an outdoor bathtub!”

  1. Susan M says:

    Ha. I have a cottage out behind my house that I used to rent out. It’s a lovely place, but there is no tub. A couple moved in a few years ago and installed a claw foot tub outside in a sheltered corner with a bamboo wall around it. They called the plumber in and had the hot water re-routed and everything.

    When they moved out, I insisted they take the tub. They did. And, lo and behold, my next tenant — a single woman in her late 50’s — got yet another tub to put in the same place.

    I’m too restless for tubs myself, but I did admire their dedication to the soaking.

    Actually, and off topic, the first couple I mentioned delivered their first baby girl right in that house. Rinchen spent a long time out on the back deck barking as the about to be Mom roared her labor pains. It was very exciting…..a blessing for sure.


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