Julie sent…puppy photos

The first of Julies’s puppies went home yesterday and next weekend the others are schedule to go to their new homes. Although puppies are a joy to watch they are alot of work and we are anxious to lessen our load (so to speak). Most of the puppies are spoken for but we still have a couple left looking for good homes. With the economy the way it is, we understand a puppy may not be a priority right now for a lot of families but at the same time what a better way to bring some happiness into your life when everything around us now a days is so depressing.

Dawn has waiting for months for her puppy. Here’s what Julie had to say: The first puppy went to her new home. Dawn chose the parti girl.  She is going to have an absolutely wonderful home.  We talked and watched the puppies and decided red girl was a much “busier” dog and because it is just her and her husband at home, the children are grown, parti girl seem to be a better fit.


Julie and I have selected her brother as our pick. Introducing FFT Mi-Tex Space Cowboy…


Some people call him Maurice…


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