Show Time!!




Have you been to Vickie’s blog? She keeps one for ApsoRescue Colorado. This upcoming weekend – Friday through Monday – kicks off Colorado’s dog shows. In an entry titled Show Time!!  she covers the details.




Here’s the schedule for Lhasa Apso judging:
Friday – Ring 6 2PM
Saturday – Ring 6 – 3PM
Sunday – Ring 7 – 9:30AM
Monday – Ring 7 – 10:25AM

2 Comments on “Show Time!!”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    Some of you may have watched the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, aired Monday and Tuesday evenings. This is an article about dogs from Colorado competing in New York City.

  2. lhasalhady says:

    The long weekend is over. An extra busy, physically difficult day awaits me at the grooming shop. Four days of dog shows is too much. Rick reminds me it’s fun, but just like other ‘fun’ things, it’s strenuous.

    It was a strange weekend, in many ways. When I saw the low numbers in our entry, I assumed the out-of-state breeder/exhibitors weren’t coming in. I was wrong. Linda from New Mexico came. Two different couples – Tom & Marsha and Orville & Eva – came from Utah. So, what do the low numbers indicate? The economy doesn’t seem a probable answer. All of us, from near and far, were there, paying the usual expenses. Gas. Parking. Meals. Lodging for some. If one makes the decision to spend on dog shows, the cost of entering another dog or two is irrelevant.

    This past weekend is notorious for major entries. Instead, out of 8 sets of points awarded in Lhasa Apsos, only 2 had a large enough entry for a major. And then, one of those broke. (That means all the entered dogs didn’t show, which can affect the number of points awarded.) There was only one puppy entered. One breeder mentioned he hadn’t bred a litter in 2 years. Via the grapevine, I heard another local breeder is ‘getting out’. Yet another local breeder was ringside several days, but hasn’t exhibited in over a year and hasn’t bred a litter in longer.

    I suggest, rather than the economy, this past weekend’s entry supports AKC’s statistics about falling numbers of Lhasa Apsos. While no responsible breeder is happy to see his/her breed as a popular breed, falling 80% in 10 years isn’t a good thing either. I sit here with Anna’s daughters and not even one inquiry. Julie has several male puppies available; no inquiries in weeks. In the past several years, two different breeders from other areas of the country have told me first hand, the unprecedented difficulty each experienced placing their last litter. Last, having several meanings! If there are no homes for one’s puppies, how can one responsibly move forward in a breeding program?

    We shall see. Time will hopefully provide appropriate home for the puppies. If not, we’ll deal with it. Many a Best In Show story refers back to the ‘puppy that couldn’t get placed.’ Optimism is better than pessimism!

    As I do every year, the year’s plan is laid out. The tweak this year is I’ve got 3 plans, factoring in the economy and the breed’s declining numbers. The Status Quo plan. The Ideal plan. The Minimal plan. :::sigh::: It is very unsettling times. Top all that with the extreme drought in my neck of the woods and this promises to now be The Year of My Discontent.

    Over the weekend, Ginny’s Ethan was awarded Winners Dog and is one point short of his Championship title. His sister Ruby was RWB several days. Keeper picked up his first two points. Thateus won Best of Breed the last two days. He made the cut in the Non-Sporting Group on Monday. On Sunday he was awarded second in the Owner-Handled Non-Sporting Group. All in all, the dogs faired well, in spite of the strange weekend.

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