MaryAnn sent…Gracie

Gracie is Edie’s sister…

gracie22008I can watch my mommie when she is in the kitchen – I love her! And she loves me! 

gracie12008When I bite it, it says “I love you”. I must be special!!

Note the toy is a rose! We met MaryAnn through the website several years ago. She flew into Minnesota – and right back to South Carolina – to pick up Gracie. Here’s how their New Year’s card read:

Happy New Year, Debby

Just a note to keep in touch and I’ve included a few shots of Gracie. She is still her bossy, loving, good natured, happy, very playful and fun loving little self. She is all about friends – two legged and 4 legs.

I have chosen not to use any of the flea medications on her – but I did keep her free of fleas during the summer using a mix of lavender water, tea tree oil & eucalyptus oil – major miracle in Charleston, SC. She has just started with the ProDen Plaque Off – hope it really works.

I have given several people your website – one was a really nice lady in Senneca, S.C. a few eeks ago who said she was considering a Lhasa Apso for her next pet. I am inclined to get on my soapbox over the benefits of getting a puppy from a good breeder. I am your advocate in South Carolina! Your website is still my source for all things Lhasa. I love the breed!

4 Comments on “MaryAnn sent…Gracie”

  1. Julie Timbers says:

    Gracie looks to be a similar size to Edie, a little longer in her muzzle. Keep on that soapbox MaryAnn, everyone should be aware to make the best informed decision when buying a lifelong companion.

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Her expression, her eyes, in the photo where she’s holding the rose is just like Edie’s. Several days ago I posted another sister’s – Koyuki – photo, but you couldn’t see her eyes.

    Hey, admin question for you viewers. I’ve been working on getting Juliie’s avatar personalized. On my computer, this morning it shows up correctly in the administration area, but still like a quilt square when I view the site. I checked it on Rick’s computer and her avatar is there. Are you guys seeing her photo or a quilt square in the left hand column, under Recent Comments, next to Julie Timbers on Mary…

  3. Rose says:

    Gracie is beautiful!! and you can see that personality shining right through her. She definitely has things in common, like the top of the couch, with her fft lhasa relatives here in NY.

    I’m seeing Julie’s picture on my side. Debby – could you put back the links to Toshimi and Katys sites, i never bookmarked them and they seemed to have disappeared. Toshimi always has the most awesome pictures of her 2 apso’s and they are so well travelled!

  4. lhasalhady says:

    Rose, thanks for the input. I’ve put the links back up. They’re under the rss feed in the far right hand column. Now that I figured out how to get Julie’s avatar up and running, I think it would be fun for all contributros to have an avatar. In the next week or so, I’ll be creating avatars and setting up the necessary hooplah behind the scenes. It will require one step from each of you on your end. I’ll send instructions individually as I set these up. It will be another way to make this Our Spot.

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