:Susan sent…Down ? Stay? HA !!!

Dom, Raji, Rinchen, Sammy, Vajra and Me


I love this photo! What’s one of the signs of a Dog Person? Willing to get in the middle of a dog pile!

Get in the middle?

That’s my rather lame attempt into an update on the transition of the website. The basic framework pages are up. Note links across the top of the old design are now above the banner. When content is transferred from one area, I will delete that link across. For example, the blog is now contained on the home page. There’s is no longer a What’s New link at the top. The content on each page will be in its entirety, although in a bit of disarray because of the layout change. I’ll get it tidied up in due time, but know that all previous content will be included. If you are  having trouble, please let me know.

I’m so stoked about the new look, how it’s communal. Even got RSS feed figured out! If any of you have an RSS feed you’d like added to this website, let me know.

Off to spend the day cutting and pasting!

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