:Debby on…mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror
On The Wall

For years – it’s probably still there – atop my sister Lori’s dresser is a doll standing in front of a mirror. She’s probably ten, dressed in braids, a plaid shirt, rolled up denim jeans and tennis shoes. Old-fashioned tennis shoes. No Nike swoosh for her! In her arms, looking into the mirror, she’s holding a wedding dress.

When Fernando – and Dante and Sadie and Ling and Khamma – were five months old, Vickie, Julie and I met in Rapid City for dog shows and a puppy exchange. Vickie brought Dante home to Colorado. Julie somehow got Ling to my sister. It was fun to watch the puppies that weekend. Among the many photos, here’s my favorite. Fernando looking in the mirror.


Both of those images jumped into my head when I received this…


Cadence is Lori’s grand-daughter. Lori’s daughter Shanna is Cadence’s mother.

Kelly wrote:

Me again.  I received this picture of our Great Niece Shanna’s daughter Cadence.  I think it’s a really cool picture!!! 
Love the mirror idea!  This is her Christmas dress.

Mirror, mirror
On The Wall
Who’s the fairest
Of them all?

2 Comments on “:Debby on…mirror, mirror”

  1. shelley says:

    I am sure I have the world’s most wonderful son…he is my “one and only.” when i see this pic, however, i remember my dolls, my “every-year-Christmas dress” and how i will always have a softness for something i missed. i guess that’s why i have an urge to braid my students’ hair and why dogs with hair are so attractive! what a dolly she is!

  2. Ginny says:

    What a beautiful child !! She reminds me of a little coquette…..perfect in every way !! Plus she looks so happy in her Christmas dress, as every young girl should !!

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