:Debby on…Home for the Holidays

Remember that movie? Home For The Holidays.?There’s been any number of holiday movies produced about family getting together for the holidays. If I remember correctly Home for The Holidays centered around Thanksgiving. There’s the classics like Miracle on 34th Street, but I prefer holiday comedies, movies that make us laugh at the quirkiness of that unit called ‘family’. Christmas Vacation is one of my favorites. Last year, upon the recommendation of my sister-in-law (due to a…’quirk’ in the family) I read Skipping Christmas by John Grisholm. Home For The Holidays. My euphemism for family dynamics, family quirkiness, particularly during the holiday season.

I often want to go home for Christmas. By home, I mean with my sisters in my hometown in rural Nebraska. The family I grew up in; where I’ve been part of the family my entire life, even though I haven’t lived in Norfolk since 1972. When things approach full-speed quirk, give me quirks I understand to my very core! The thing is though…(correct me if I’m wrong Kelly) we’ve never begun to approach full-speed quirk. And I doubt we will. We made it through sorting through mom’s stuff – ALL OF MOM’S STUFF!!  – with only a minor quirk or two. If we passed that test with relationships intact (and we did), I think full-speed quirk is beyond our comprehension.

I love my sisters. When we met for Sisters Weekend last September, it was so familiar… Into our jammies, talking until we fell asleep. When we were kids, still living in town, sometimes I would haul my mattress from my room so I could sleep with them in the room they shared. With sisters you don’t have to explain things. You don’t have to explain who you are. Or why you did something. Or try to figure out where you fit. You know where you fit. Kelly is here on the blog. I wish Lori were too.

Hey! Kelly! I’m going to post our trees. Maybe it will inspire her to join us! And don’t go all quirky (I won’t make it through if my sister goes quirky – I’ve had enough for one holiday, thank you.) but, I’m going to share a paragraph from your email…

I sent a picture of our tree, sigh.  Scott Watson was out in Co. a few weeks ago.  I received a phone call from him stating that he is in a forest looking at a perfect tree for me.  Well I have been done with super tall trees for the last three years.   I didn’t have the heart to tell him nahhhh don’t bring it to Ne..  It’s a tree were you pay 5-10 bucks and the money is put back towards the forest.  You know come cut a tree down to help thin out etc..  Anyway I thought I would send you a picture of it.  It’s my big thin Charlie Brown tree.


Do the rest of you see how tall that tree is?! A couple of stories!


And here’s my tree. I love this stupid tree. Grandma had a tree like this. She decorated it with pink bulbs, complete with a color wheel. When I was little, that was the prettiest Christmas tree ever. Mom hated alluminum trees (well, really…they are tacky, tacky). But she sent me this one….


It represents childhood memories, a gift from mom. The blatant commercialism of the holiday. It’s a quirky tree!

And sent by Kelly several days later…

Here’s a picture of Lori’s tree.  She told me she hasn’t taken the time to learn all what can be done with a camera and the computer. 
So here it is if you would like to include it on your blog with our trees.


2 Comments on “:Debby on…Home for the Holidays”

  1. kelly says:

    you wrote: “I think full-speed quirk is beyond our comprehension.”

    I agree with what you said. Now that I wrote that, it just popped in my head, that’s the magic!

    Perhaps the magic of non-quirkiness is we simply respect the others view of something. The three sister’s are head strong but we don’t over step the other. Common sense comes in play and the three of us can compromise. I think the reason we can do this without almost thinking it,is..
    Non of us are of jealous nature.
    Non of us are selfish.
    Non of us *seize* the other’s opinion.

    I find it rather amazing due to the fact that the three of us have a rather persistent manner!!!

    I love you too Deb! I won’t say your tree is tacky only due to you loving it so much ha:)

  2. lhasalhady says:

    And there ya have it! All of our trees!

    Thanks Kelly for taking the time to do this. That is so awesome!

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