:Kathy on…How To Frost A Lhasa Apso

1.  Put bowl of powdered sugar on the counter
2.  Phone rings, go answer it.
3.  Return to kitchen…Gasp!
4.  Find Lhasa Apso on the counter with head stuck inside the bowl, joyously licking, snorting happy sounds.
5.  Note that the gray Apso’s beard has turned white as snow…as a matter of fact so has the muzzle and the cute button nose.
6.  I don’t plan to repeat this recipe for frosting anytime soon!!


5 Comments on “:Kathy on…How To Frost A Lhasa Apso”

  1. Susan M says:

    So….what does she look like hung on the tree with the rest of the ornaments????


  2. Hmmmm … that frosting musta been dog-gone good, Kathy!! The little scamp lol

  3. katy says:

    At the very least, she should inspire a new recipe! Tess’s Frosted Apsos Cookies?
    Glad you are so quick with the camera!

  4. NDZ says:

    Very sweet picture of your frosted baby! My Chloe has been dubbed a “mountain goat” by her groomer because she is always navigating our counter tops. One question though, How does your baby get up on the counter?

  5. Kathy says:

    Actually both of my apsos are like your little mountain goat, Chloe! I forgot to move the food bin away from the counter so Tess had her own stairsteps!

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