:Debby on…Margo and Dawa

The night the puppies were born, this is what moon looked liked on the drive back and forth. Then, forth and back.


I love the moon. Astrologically, Cancer is my sign. It’s considered a water sign, a yin sign and is ruled by the moon…if one is into that kind of thing. Don’t know much about it all, but I’ve always felt at home in the water and under the moon. Some years ago Sondra asked me if I ever get spooked going to the kennel in the dark. Nope. I feel embraced by the night.

Given the beautiful moon the night Ponya’s two daughters entered this world, I thought Tibetan moon names would be appropriate. I sent this photo to Tenzin, asking for translation.

Wanting to make sure she was correct, she asked her dad. Here’s the response:

Here is the correct meaning for the waning moon and crescent moon.
Waning moon:mar ngo (dmar phyogs),the last fifteen days of the month, including new moon.
Crescent moon:

gter tsheg Terma sign, according to the vision of Taksham Dorje, it is said that the two circles symbolize means and knowledge and the crescent moontheir indivisible unity. This is, however, not totally fixed since the wood blocks at Mindrol Ling have only two circles without a crescent moon.;

But the thing is, there are difference in Tibetan spoken and writing. According to my dad, most of the Tibetans use the spoken words. If you tell or asked people about above definition for crescent moon then majority of Tibetan people wouldn’t know.So,generally you can use (Tsey sum dawa) for crescent moon,which means first three days of moon. 

The black girl is named Kunza Mar Ngo of the Past, call name Margo.
The sable girl is Kunza Tsey Sum Dawa of the Past, call name Dawa. 


3 Comments on “:Debby on…Margo and Dawa”

  1. Susan M says:

    Hooray for the newest Gompa Gurls !!!!

  2. shelley says:

    I am a cancer gal too…congrats on the new arrivals!!!

  3. Christi says:

    How adorable and I love their names.

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