:Debby on Cru Vin Dogs

Two of my favorite stores ever – The Hardware and Evergreen Drug – closed several years ago. Both stores hung on longer than most Ma and Pa stores, but finally Big Box prevailed.  Carol grooms Emerson and Steinbeck for the former owners of The Hardware. I groom Daisy for the former owners of Evergreen Drug. We live in a small town.

Evergreen Drug was like an old dime store. You could find anything there! A pharmacy. Clothing. Fabric. Art supplies. Wine. Beer. You name it. Evergreen Drug had it. Besides the Big Boxes, Mr. Skaff had become very frustrated with burdensome managed-care regulations and third-party prescriptions and in 2005 he converted the store to liquor only, complete with a wine tasting room. I’m on the email list for the weekly tasting (sometimes it’s beer and NO, I’m not there every week!). I thought this week’s venue was fun and wanted to share. 



        We are pleased to extend our weekly invitation of complimentary wine tasting this Thursday, December 4th   from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm in The Evergreen Liquors customer wine tasting room.  We are featuring 5 wines from Cru Vin Dogs.  Cru Vin Dogs track down exceptional vineyards and small lots of wine throughout the world to craft masterful blends of exceptional quality and value, and brings them directly to you, the consumer.  Their mission is simple:  They exist to combine their passions-friendship, wine, art, and their love of dogs, and worthy causes – into a wine brand with a purpose.  Wine that gives back.  Wine that makes a difference.  A representative along with the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) assistance puppy will be here to demonstrate the wines, the art and the charities they support.  Visit their website at http://www.cruvindogs.com to learn more about their unique story and the charities that they support.  We will be serving the following wines and you will get additional discounts from the listed prices during the tasting:
Labrador Sauvignon Blanc:   The Marlborough region in New Zealand produces perhaps the most consistent, unique, and best value wines in the world.  What makes Marlborough sauvignon blanc so special?  First of all, it’s that nearly indescribable sea breeze aroma.   What’s also so unique to this wine are the flavors – no other sauvignon blanc in the world has the same high tone expression of fresh-cut pineapple, lime zest and yes, kiwi fruit.  You will love this one and the everyday price is only $16.99
Bloodhound Chardonnay 2005:    It’s hard to believe that this wine is a California Chardonnay as this wine has a character and purity that screams white Burgundy. Aromas of dried flowers and raw honey are framed oh-so-nicely by bright citrus.  The flavor profile simply begs to be studied and dissected-pear, white peach, honeydew melon, and ginger root – all steeped in the exquisite floral essences of orange blossom and chamomile.  The everyday low price is $18.99 and only 562 cases were produced.
Golden Retriever Chardonnay 2006:  Your first sniff will be an exquisite aroma of honey and pollen and nectar – all things floral.  The flavors and texture of this wine echo the incredible nose-a rich honey-d texture (though the wine is bone dry) is rounded out with touches of pear, toasted almonds and Meyer lemon.  We guarantee that you will not find a better chardonnay for the price of $18.99.
Yogi Cabernet-Syrah 2005:  The aromas and flavors are a grand testament to the pedigree of the blend—steep hillside syrah from the foothills of western Dry Creek Valley and the very highest quality cabernet sauvignon from two top Napa Valley vineyards.  The fresh-crushed wild berry aromas are touched with hints of white pepper and exotic Asian spices.  Huge spiced blueberry, raspberry, and black currant fruit is dusted with fine cocoa and a wisp of smoke.  And the texture…WOW!  The finish of this wine really seals the deal.  Try it and you will want to stash away a case or two in the cellar. The price is only $29.99 and should increase in value as it ages.
Lucky Cabernet Merlot 2006:  This 2006 “Lucky” Bordeaux blend features Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and a splash of Cabernet Franc from the esteemed Spring Mountain appellation in Napa Valley, as well as Merlot from steep-sloped vineyards in the bench lands of west Dry Creek Valley.  The fruit is a winemaker’s dream-combining the concentration and complexity of its flavors with balanced tannin and acidity, which drives the wine’s age-ability.  Consider how the dark cherry, boysenberry and smoky plum aromas expand and intensify; how the red currant, pomegranate and cranberry flavors ripen in the glass as notes of floral spice are gradually revealed. It also has an excellent finish and the everyday price is $29.99

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