:Kathy on…Say It in 3 Words


Last year I enclosed SASE postcards with our greetings, asking folks to share their NY dreams and meaning of Christmas in 3 words.  Some got a little carried away and composed paragraphs of beautiful thoughts!  Planned to use those postcards in a project for this year’s card.  After many renovations, Debby suggested I gather them onto a wreath and Katy offered her artistic advice on staging the photo!  Here it is!  And instead of the usual, “dreaded” Christmas letter, I collaged all the messages onto a single sheet.  Everyone on my list will receive the above card and the printed wishes.   If you look carefully you will see a yellow rosebud.  Susan sent it from her garden!
The friendship wreath now hangs on our front door, welcoming the heart of Christmas into our home.  Drop in for a cup of tea!  You are always welcome!

One Comment on “:Kathy on…Say It in 3 Words”

  1. Susan M says:

    Three words?
    You got it:


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