:The pups from the hogyard…

While I’m spending my weekend home, enjoying the beautiful fall days in and out of the house, Ginny, Christi and Tammy are in Pueblo with three of the dogs that were raised in Ginny’s hogyard. Her description, not mine! Cayenne and Seth’s puppies spent the first three weeks of their lives in Ginny’s bedroom, a huge airline crate next to her bed as their den. The puppies – Willis, Tango, Goliath, Ruby, Chloe and Ethan – moved to a large pen Ginny and Kim set up in the living room. Big. The centerpiece of the room. The puppies were exposed to Ginny’s skin care clients coming and going. They were exposed to daily visits from the UPS driver, picking up or delivering packages for Kim’s business. For the puppies it was a perfect situation for socialization, exposure to commotion, their physical and mental well-being. It was a great situation for humans to enjoy the the antics of puppies. Given that puppies are eating, sleeping, pooping machines Ginny and Kim named the setup The Hogyard.

The puppies’ registered names came from a combination of ‘time’ and ‘dance’. Cayenne’s registered name is Champion FFT Dance ’til Dawn. Seth, of course, is Champion FFT It’s Five O’clock Somewhere. Ginny will have to comment on Goliath’s registered name. Rose’s two boys, Willis and Tango, are FFT Bruce is Dancin’ in the Dark and FFT Tango at Five O’clock. Christi’s Ruby is FFT Two Step on Tuesday. Ginny’s Ethan and Chloe are FFT Midnight Flamenco Dancer and FFT ChaCha at Sunset. Two years old this coming November 24, Ethan, Chloe and Ruby are the dogs from The Hogyard in Pueblo this weekend.

Now, I must tell a story, possibly a confession. Ah, what the heck, why not?! The blog is for sharing, including a look into the life of a breeder. There are things, often difficult things, that are hard about being a mentor. With one exception, I remain friends with the people I’ve mentored. That one exception was a life-long lesson to trust myself. But that’s a whole ‘nother story…

Ginny has been to a number of shows by herself, but this weekend was different. At least it was for me. The Sunday afternoon of the LACCC weekend the other local exhibitors decided to build a major at the Pueblo shows. Ginny was asked/invited to join them. I was not. Not a surprise. On the one hand, I was delighted Ginny was included in a cooperative group effort outside of FFT. On the other hand…well…let me just say, based on experience, I had concerns. My teaching methods, canine and human, usually focus on encouragement. Trying to stay positive, here’s an excerpt from a You Go Girl!! email to Ginny:

That I often win when I show up skews perspectives. If questions are raised in your mind, seeds of doubt planted, simply ask me. Here’s a benign example. Many years ago XXX told people the FFT dogs were champions because we built our own majors out of state. You know as well as I that’s not true. Yes, we build a major now and then; example, this past April in Seward. We built it because we could, not because that’s what we need to do to finish dogs. None of us, including me or Julie had a clue which dogs would win the points there. Our dogs’ records stand for themselves, as you’ve seen for yourself these past several years.

Of course, those records, those wins, presented a problem for Julie a year ago August in MN. Other exhibitors became ‘chilly’ towards us by Saturday. Sunday, the only person that acknowledged us was YYY, complimenting me, congratulating me on beautiful Moonie. Julie’s integrity, her work for the club and the Specialty shows were questioned by some club members. She backed out of having anything to do with putting on the Specialty. What happened this year? Our dogs – two different dogs – won BW three of the four days. It has nothing to do with ‘politics’ and everything to do with the quality of the dogs, the conditioning and training, and presentation.
Yesterday afternoon with great excitment in her voice, Tammy phoned. Ruby won Best of Breed over two Champions for her first points! Ethan won Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex over the male Champion, earning a 4pt. major! Because Ruby was also Best of Winners she, too, picked up a 4pt major! Wow! Awesome! I am still excited for all of them!
Each and every one of them, canine and human, has worked hard, applying what’s been learned, what’s been taught. As co-breeder/co-owner of The Hogyard Showdogs I’m tickled,. As a mentor such successes are extra rewarding, the icing on the cake.
Being stacked as little puppies by breeder Ginny, Ethan…
And Ruby…

6 Comments on “:The pups from the hogyard…”

  1. WTG Ginny and Christi!!! What a wonderful way to start the weekend … and end the year. Paws crossed for a repeat today, ladies …

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Just heard from the crew. Today sister Chloe won Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex. Ethan was Reserve Winners Dog. So each and every sibling picked up a Winners win over the weekend. All in all, an excellent weekend! Excellent!

  3. Hello Debby, The above was very interesting to read. Does Ginny sell Mary Kay? Roadie also knows the ups driver and customers who come to pick up product.

    Today is my birthday (79) and 20 years in Mary Kay. Roadie is doing fine his coat is very long, I brush him every other day. I am now giving him a product called JOY, the meal and the can dog food also. The vet said it is very good been out a long time. Headquarters in California, have you heard of it? He knows the sound of the word water, eat, out which he barks when he wants to go out. He goes bananas when my son coughs, he has a cigarette cough. He stands in front of him and barks, if I cough he pays it no mind.

    He tears up and opens all of his toys to pull the insides out or take off the ears etc. He chewed up one of my Birkenstock, so the other one is in the car in case I have shoes on I don’t want to ruin driving. I was wondering if Lhasa’s are hypo-allegenic?

    Rochelle and family now has an Akita, he will soon be a year old. I have not taken Roadie over to see him, don’t know how that will go. I know I can’t depend on her taking Roadie for any reason???

    Well this is all for now, I go into your page every morning after I check my bank statement (smile)



  4. Julie says:

    Way to go Ginny, Christy and Tammy!!!! It is awesome to have the judge find littermates you should be proud of yourselves, the dogs must of looked great! We love seeing that FFT dogs can hold their own no matter the competition or who is handling them. Remember what you did on this day to make your dogs stand out and then KEEP DOING IT!!!!

  5. Debby says:

    You’re right Julie!! On all accounts! There’s a lot more I’d like to say – hopefully of value – but for now, just a brief note. KEEP DOING IT!!!! It’s the details that make for consistent winning. Those and quality dogs…. You can pull of a win now and again, but frequent winning comes from the details.

  6. lhasalhady says:

    Alma, I always appreciate your Roadie updates! And a belated Happy Birthday!

    To answer your questions…

    I’m not familiar with JOY dog food. Some people call Lhasa Apsos hypoallergenic, but I don’t. They do grow undercoat, which is one contributor to allergies. When I’m contacted by someone wanting an Apso because of allergies, I suggest they expose themselves to an adult Apso before purchasing a dog. Puppies rarely create an allergic response, but adults can.

    The produce line Ginny uses and sells is Sanitas. I’ve had the good fortune of you, Katy and Ginny sharing skin care products with me.

    Paloma’s is Katy’s product line, which include goat milk soaps, body and facial oils, balms and body butters. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Katy makes all the products herself.

    I have misplaced your Mary Kay website address. If you’ll send it, I’ll edit this comment to include it.

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