:and how do we know if they get too thin?

Some weeks ago…probably several months ago, Susan sent this…

As you know, I was concerned that both Raji and Sammy had gotten too fat.
And they had.   Now I am guessing that they are both down to around 16
pounds (from about 19 or so)
Now they are thin, and I am wondering what the signs would be if they
were to start getting too thin?
Is there something I can look for to know if I need to start adding more
to their meals?

I do remember a few months back seeing a dog at the groomers that I
thought looked “too thin”, so maybe I’d just notice.
On the other hand,I really didn’t notice that they were getting too fat
until it was a done deal, so…

My search for a fun graphic quickly lead me to this…


Painted by – and used with her permission – Lisa Ballard of Dream Dog Paintings, it accompanied an article titled A Dog’s Life by Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen pertaining to IGF1 (insulin-like growth factor 1). Not that the article has a thing to do with answering Susan’s questions, but I love how science is combined with art!

Susan, I feel the ribs to monitor each dog’s weight. You should be able to feel the ribs without poking or pushing, particularly the back two ribs. Each time the dog is groomed I note whether the amount fed is working or if I need to increase or decrease the portion. Just like people, a thin dog is generally healthier.

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