:Vickie wonders..

..if some of us remember this bottle of wine??

2006 Portrait of a Mutt Zinfandel

The wine that “made” Mutt Lynch Winery. Portrait of a Mutt is the perfect name for our Zinfandel, as it blends a small amount of spicy Carignane fruit into our jammy Zinfandel. As the label says, “Just because I’m not pedigreed doesn’t mean I’m not a good dog!”

3 Comments on “:Vickie wonders..”

  1. Just the wine, not the year of the wine!! Think back, ladies lolol

  2. Faye says:

    ALAC Nationals – Seattle/Olympia area. We spent a while trying to identify the parts of the mutt.

    What a fun evening that was.

  3. Good memory, Faye … despite us drinking all the wine lol

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