:Apsos help make “their” bed…

Katy did a painting of Sadie Wonder yesterday…

It’s always a treat to visit Katy’s blog. In an entry titled Leader of the Pack, she writes about this, as she says ‘juicy’, painting of Sadie. If you haven’t been, treat yourself and take a little trip to Katy’s.  Her words are nearly as eloquent as her art.

Then take another trip to Zeke the Apso, a page Katy and Ken dedicate to 

Promoting the Physical and Spiritual Welfare of our beloved and fellow created beings.”

Scroll down to The Zeke and Sadie Showon the left hand side of the page and watch three Apsos make their bed. Too funny! This morning I watched all the videos, including a couple I hadn’t seen. I especially like Zooming to Stevie Ray. It’s always fun to watch Apsos zoom. Stevie Ray Vaughn was a nice touch!

Katy writes about Sadie, leader of their pack, describing her as a benevolent leader. I love that! ‘Alpha’ so often is used as a negative and that’s a huge mistake. My experience with the many canine alphas I’ve had the privilege of knowing is calm, wise leadership, using status only when absolutely needed. When Drepung came, Ceese told me no one in Virginia bonded with him. I’m certain that was because he isn’t a cuddly, affectionate dog. I was immediately drawn to his sense of self, his quiet leadership, his machismo. From the time he came to me, including the car ride from Virginia to Colorado, he has physically positioned himself to watch over the pack. In Ceese’s Volvo, he chose to ride on the console between the two front buckets seats, looking out the front window. Here, outside, he positions himself in the highest corner of the outside yard, sitting like the noble Apso he is. It’s a quite a contrast to compare his personality to Sadie Sweet Sadie. Yet, both leaders, benevolent leaders.

3 Comments on “:Apsos help make “their” bed…”

  1. Kathy, I enjoyed the Zeke and Sadie Show. I
    guess you know I have Roadie, who is also very independent and a good alert dog (smile) I still have him in show coat just not as full. He is spoiled and when I take a step he takes one also. I would love to have a painting of him in oil when I can afford it (smile). Roadie helps me hear things that I cannot hear since I have a hearing loss in my left ear. He knows the sound of the engine of my car when I pull up even if he can’t see me from the window, I hear him barking from inside the house.

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Just a note of clarification, as several people have confusion around this. Katy and Kathy are friends. Katy is the painter. Zeke, Sadie and Wyatt live with her, Ken, their parrots, chickens and goats in New Mexico. Kathy lives in the Denver area with her Apsos Pete, Tess and Sophie, along with her husband Joe. Both Katy and Kathy are frequent contributors on the blog. They met through the blog and recently in person.

  3. Katy Widger says:

    Hi Alma! Yes, we know where Roadie is and think of him often,wondering if he and Zeke are as much alike in personality as Sadie and Wyatt are. We have been amazed in the short time that Wyatt has been with us how very similar Wyatt and Sadie are! Both are “silly, wiggly, funny” little dogs, and even though Wyatt is almost twice her size and has a different head shape, they move and have similar mannerisms and coloring that leaves no doubt that they are mother and son.
    Zeke is also, like Roadie, very attuned to all the sounds of the house and neighborhood. It is his “job” to watch over things when we are gone. And he has learned to very adeptly “put up the chickens” in the evening. As a landrace breed, Zeke has his herding instincts intact! We are going to try and get a little video of that event up soon.

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