:NM photos sent by Kathy..

Kathy shared the following photos taken during her recent trip to New Mexico. I love how the middle dog has circular grain in the heart area.

A pueblo carving of a singing pac..

Pueblo storyteller dolls of the Fox Family..

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  1. Susan M says:

    Ah, here’s my chance to ask for everyone’s input on travelling with dogs (3). Kathy’s pictures remind me just how much I want to go back to New Mexico, and I have this little fantasy about putting the dogs in the car and…..driving. It’s an 18 hour drive from here, and I’m not a camper. I’m just wondering what experience anyone has with travelling with their dogs….

    A few years ago I took Rinchen and Sammy to Portland (12 hours) and we stopped overnight at a Motel 6. Kids were good; my only problem was that our room was right near an entrance to the motel, and every time someone came in or went out, they raised their warning ruckus, and although no one complained, I was nervous. Rinchen gets carsick on windy roads, but a small bit of dramamine keeps him comfortable (and keeps the car from getting really nasty….:-))) and once I figured that out, I tried to keep our travels to straight/highway sorts of roads…No mountain drives for him….

    Anyway, any input would be appreciated. I really want to go back to Santa Fe and see those storytellers myself…

  2. I’ve done long distance traveling with both dogs,cats. I’m sure the dog show crowd will have lots to add. I don’t crate when I drive but have a couple ready in case someone needs their own space. I know some travel with expens to set up at a rest stop. I make the back of the vehicle one big bed,pillows, crate pads. I use kongs for a chew distraction, often leads to sleep. I also have a couple battery O2 cool fans, if I leave the vehicle for a short time, to keep air circulating. Bach flowers Rescue Remedy often calms the air, or if necessary ace promazine from your vet. Some motels charge a “pet” fee, will give you rooms close to exits. As far as the barking, they are the “sentinnel” dog, so I figure it’s a warning for others to stay away. I try never to leave the dogs in the room alone. My dogs usually tell me when it’s time to stop, and it’s good idea to stop every couple hours, for you and them. Being alone, I avoid isolated rest stops, tend to stop at places like MacDonalds, fast food places, or gas stations where lots of people are around. Make sure you travel with either your vet’s phone no. or recent vaccination records/medication needs., or don’t tell places you stay they are not vaccinated if you don’t vaccinate…Sometimes a little pepcid, 2.5-5 mg, can ease the gut for nervous “acid reflux”. The one that gets car sick should never face backwards in the vehicle, maybe get the front seat and a little air plus the dramamine. Maybe a pillow to elevate enough to look out, focus on the horizon sometimes helps the motion sickness. It’s the closed in, motion that triggers that. My dogs, cats, usually have more luggage than I do……and usually love the travel/adventure. mary, taz, roman

  3. lhasalhady says:

    As expected, as suspected my dogs always travel in crates. It has always been that way. I don’t want possible distractions while driving. Not only do I think it’s safer, but integrating crates into travel trips provides more flexibilty for the humans.

    Motel 6 is one of the few motels that always accepts dogs. This is a good thing to know when it’s late. It’s no fun when you’re road weary to drive around trying to find a motel that accepts dogs. Dogs shouldn’t be left unattended in motel rooms, especially uncrated dogs. Most of the dog show premium lists (information phamplets) delve into proper doggie motel manners. Years ago, most motels accepted dogs. That is no longer the case, which is one reason I’m adament about good dog manners in motels. If you need to run to the lobby for coffee, turn the TV on with the volumne up, providing white noise for our sentinels.

    Scout out the motel before registering. Discover which area might provide less opportunity for your dogs to sound off, sound alarm. Motels will accommidate your request if possible.

    Always take water from home. A change in water can be upsetting to the intestinal tract. Dealing with a dog with diarrhea isn’t fun at home. It’s less fun on the road!

  4. Vickie says:

    >>> As expected, as suspected my dogs always travel in crates. It has always been that way. I don’t want possible distractions while driving. Not only do I think it’s safer …

    Regarding the safety aspect of traveling with dogs in crates … over the years, I’ve heard of numerous instances where someone traveling with dogs was involved in an accident. Uncrated, the dogs were able to exit the vehicle. Some escaped to the surrounding area and were never located despite weeks of going back and searching by the owners. Some dogs were so intent on protecting the vehicle that emergency personnel were unable to render aid the injured parties. These were mostly large dogs who posed a threat to the reponders and were shot by highway patrol or animal control.

    The saddest, however, was the lady traveling with her little Shih Tzu. It was an accident on a highway divided and lined by large concrete barriers. The dog escaped the vehicle and was running loose in traffic. Terrified, the dog would not let anyone approach and ran wild across three lanes of traffic, back and forth, back and forth. Cars were swerving and suddenly braking to avoid hitting the dog. Finally, the Highway Patrol decided the risk was too great to other drivers and shot the dog.

    Crating is one way to travel safely. Another is to utilize a harness which is then attached to the seat bel. It secures the dog in the seat but allows room for the dog to sit up and lay down. I don’t however recommend the harness with a dog in full coat lol.

    Google “traveling with pets” and you’ll come up with a wealth of info. LaQuinta is another chain that takes dogs.

  5. Susan M says:

    This is all excellent information, even though I can already tell that my fantasy of taking the dogs on a road trip is probably going to stay just that….a fantasy. Truth is, the dogs don’t want to go anywhere; I don’t really want to GO anywhere either, although occasionally I imagine I want to BE somewhere else. Life here is good. I’m happy, the dogs are happy, and I’m not happy without them, so….We’re just gonna keep on raising chickens and vegetables and roses and ourselves and …. stay home….Well, mostly. I am heading off tomorrow to New York for a few days, and then in early November Gigi and I are going to rendezvous (dogless) in Ashland, but after that we will just hunker down next to the fire and let it rain….

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