:Wyatt the Riot

Lazily coming to full awakeness this morning before getting out of bed, Panchen and Wyatt came to my mind. I knew my blog entry would be :Wyatt the Riot. He, like Panchen, through cyberspace touched the hearts of so many. Why? Why them? Why them above the others? Their stories were so different.

Over the winter I’ll be slowing transitioning each dog’s pedigree page within the website to include their pedigree, along with photos and correspondence. If I’ve made a fancy collage page for that dog, that will be included on the pedigree page. It was my original intention to have a collage page for every dog, but – believe it or not!! – reality made a rare appearance. I don’t have time to create something special for each dog, no matter how much I want.

My very favorite photo of Sadie and Zeke was taken within hours of Sadie’s arrival…

And they are again, complete with Wyatt the Riot…


Clips for Katy’s letters…

This morning, Wyatt was introduced to chickens and goats, and acted like he’s known them all his life.
And, no surprise here, “someone” has pre-spoiled him!  At breakfast this morning, he parked beside Ken’s chair, with Zeke on the other side, and they took turns sitting for treats from the “treat man”.  He seems to like Ken a lot and we should that Pete for that.
Wyatt will pick out a toy, run with it, toss it to Zeke and they’re off!
Wyatt is sure a happy little guy!  Great smile, wonderful, exhuberant attitude!  He just wants to have fun.

I could only hope when we picked him up 12 days ago that things would progress this quickly. He’s simply made himself at home and Sadie and Zeke have accepted him as one of their kin and pack with no major upsets.  Sadie..obviously loves him, and remembers him as her son.  They pal around together and she follows him, or he follows her, just about everywhere. They even act like mother and son towards each other.

Wyatt is a clown and has a genuine sense of good humor and fair play.  He’ll grab a toy, race by Zeke with an invitation to play, and zoom back, drop the toy right at Zeke’s feet, and off they go!  And he loves to “toss” his toys in the air.  He’s picked out several that the other dogs were ignoring, and made them his favorites.  He especially likes the large hedgehog that makes a hedgehog noise!

Wyatt reminds me of Steve Martin in his antics and good nature.

He is, as Pete said, a delightful little dog! 
No doubt about it, we have a threesome!




 See more photos and read more on Wyatt’s page.

4 Comments on “:Wyatt the Riot”

  1. Kathy says:

    “Happiness is a warm puppy”
    Charles Schulz

    Zeke, Sadie, & Wyatt you are loved!

  2. katy widger says:

    Well, as for the “why” of choosing Wyatt to come and complete our pack, I can only say that a very strong “intuition” consisting of a compelling sense of “this is the right dog, the right time, the right thing to do”, even though we certainly didn’t “need” another dog. Zeke and Sadie were perfectly happy together. It has proven to be the right choice. Happiness, is, indeed several warm puppies!

  3. Love the pictures of “togetherness”. There’s nothing like youth (Wyatt) to but a little energy in everyone. I know my old guy Taz perked up when younger Roman came on board. Congrats to Katy, Ken, Lhasas on the new bond. Makes my heart feel good. Mary, Roman, Taz

  4. Julie says:

    It makes me feel so good to see the 3 dogs together!! Sadie is looking awesome-happy and healthy!

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