:Coffee, not chai…almost…soon!

Dawn’s soft glow is hitting the mountain. Not so quietly, I unloaded the dishwasher. Allowing myself ten minutes with a cuppa joe and the blog, here I am. Back home. Almost back to normal. Winding down the past month of whirlwind after whirlwind, I met my sisters – Lori and Kelly – in Alliance, Nebraska which is about half-way for all of us. My sisters live in my hometown, Norfolk, Nebraska. For the people that only know the state looking out the car window while rushing through…well, they’ve missed the beauty.

You might look at the above photos, thinking what the heck is that?! Pretty?! Maybe Deb needs her eye prescription adjusted. Stay tuned! I’m going to share more – cobblestone streets, an art deco movie theater, Nebraska wine, memories for my sisters…  But, right now I’ve got to swing by Dr. Hess’s for Ponya’s progesterone test.

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