:Fun things from Faye

For those of you who don’t know Faye, she’s lives across our northern border in Alberta, Canada. I was introduced to Faye in 2001 through….what else?!? Dogs! Her beautiful Roxy – Ch. Brooksbur She’s Got The Looks – made a trip to Colorado to meet Aaron – Ch. Brynwood Fleetfire Primal Fear. The results of that breeding were two Champions – Ch. Tillarox Going for Gold and Ch. Tillarox Fleetfire Legal Alien. Their littermate Holly – Hollywood ‘n Vine – is the dam of the beautiful Ch. Tillarox Men Prefer Blondes; call name is Dizzy. With an apology to all blondes reading this, I love it!

A bigger result than the lovely Apsos produced, however, is knowing Faye. I look forward to seeing her soon. This photo was taken in October 2004 at A Night to Remember: Tibet – Revisiting Our Past. The shawl Faye is wearing was woven by Eve Davalia with hair she’d spun from the Gompa dogs. It was the kick-off of a raffle to benefit the Gompa Lhasa Apso Preservation Program. We had to sorta…kinda… ‘sneak’ it into the week. The American Lhasa Apso Club raises funds during National Specialty week. There seems to be concern that raffles to benefit things other than whatever ALAC is fund-raising will be detrimental to their proceeds. Ever The Rebel With A Cause, I’d asked Faye if she’d be willing to wear the shawl, along with a pin stating “Ask me about my shawl”. Although she was promptly asked by the Powers That Be to remove the pin, the raffle raised close to $800. I appreciated Faye’s undaunted spirit!

She sent….Enjoy!!! Insider’s Recipes Master Edition, an eCookbook.  

And last, but not least! Here’s a photo of Faye’s latest Champion – Ch. Palasa Desiderata Sonan – taken the day he finished his Canadian Championship.

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