:A rainy day campfire

Kathy and I had plans for yesterday, starting with a cuppa joe at Java Groove, moving on to Dedisse Park for a picnic. Ha! The best laid plans! Rain, rain, go away! (Not really; it’s been too dry.) We did start with a cuppa…


And then we improvised!  We had our picnic, complete with a red and white tablecloth in my grooming shop. We pulled Kathy’s comfy chairs up to a grooming table turned picnic table and laid out our spread. Inspired by Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I shared food purchased from Miller Farmsat the local Farmer’s Market. Sliced tomatoes. Sliced Cucumbers. Blue Potato Salad. Yummy! Originally planning on a crisp white wine, given the weather I opted for a 2005 Pinot Noir from Duck Pond Cellars.

Kathy, true to her nature, brought out buttery bagel chips, Gouda cheese, vegetables with garden dip and a Fun Surprise. The makings for S’mores, complete with the ‘campfire’ and S’more trivia. August 10 was National S’mores Day. The Girl Scouts are credited with inventing the campfire delicacy. 

Leisurely, we powwowed about the Gompa Lhasa Apso Preservation Program over food and drink. And then…lights off on a gloomy rainy day, candles lit, created the ambiance of a campfire. Toasted marshmallows. Chocolate bars. Graham crackers. Yummy!!

Girl Scouts are always prepared!

2 Comments on “:A rainy day campfire”

  1. Susan M says:

    Hey, Duck Pond Cellars is one of my favorites. Whenever I take the dogs and go to visit Gigi in Portland, we take a jaunt out there, and I always come home with wine….

    You guys (I mean gals) DO know how to party !!!!

  2. Katy Widger says:

    If nothing else, you gals ALWAYS have a great time! Wish I could partake once in a while, in person, instead of vicariously over the ‘net!

    And, I’m apologizing to everyone in the Apso crowd who received my show announcement today, captioned by over 200 email names and addresses from just about everyone in my address book.
    I had trouble. And when I finally hit the “send” button, I had forgotten to put the new Group I had just created under the “Bcc” heading, that would have eliminated that big boo-boo.
    As I said in my announcement “I don’t do this very often.”
    Mea Culpa.

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