:Sunday afternoon at the movies


Guess what? Kathy didn’t send me Grandma’s Hands. At least not our Kathy. The original email was a forward from ‘Kathy’s niece’. I assumed it was our Kathy. Not so. It was from my cousin Kathy. I didn’t recognize the address because we haven’t corresponded since…. ??? the Dark Ages.

Our Kathy did, however, send her favorite version of Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers.


And A Fable for Our Time. As Kathy mentioned,  It boggles the mind and is
a beautiful story of animal friendship.


My friend Jonette shared the next two with me.

I continue to be amazed by Mother Nature. While the above story isn’t in the movie, it gives you a hint of the content. Who would have thought the mothering instinct can overpower the predator instinct between foes in nature. There are a number of species portrayed. Watch Extraordinary Mothers.


The photo is of George Adamsom and Christian. The video is of the reunion between the lion, Christian, and the people who raised him prior to him being relocated into the wild. He was purchased in 1969 from Harrods department store. Two stars of the film Born Free visited the furniture store owned by lion’s caretakers. They suggested asking Adamson to help them rehabilitate Christian into the wild at his compound at Kora National Reserve.

Adamson slowly introduced Christian to an older lion ‘Boy’ and subsequently to a female cub in order to form the nucleus of a new pride. This approach was successful and over the course of several years the pride established itself in the region around Kora. When Rendall and Bourke were informed by Adamson of the successful result, they traveled to Kenya to pay one last visit to Christian.

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