:Holy smokes! Two new Champions!

Julie just called.

Remember those little shoes Kathy  made for Savion?

He just filled those big shoes by winning back-to-back 4-pt. majors and Best of Winners Milwaukee Specialty weekend! One judge was from Canada. One judge was from Argentina.

Savion is now officially Champion FFT Save The Last Dance! He finished in 3… or was it 4… weekends of showing.


Lily was awarded Winners Bitch both days to complete her title!
Officially Champion Timber’s Confidentially Yours…

We’re closing in on 100 Champions. Whew!

Savion’s pedigree.

Lily’s pedigree.

2 Comments on “:Holy smokes! Two new Champions!”

  1. Kathy says:

    Julie, Congratulations!! I can hear Savion tapping out his happy dance!

  2. Julie says:

    Savion is just 11 months old. I counted up and he walked into the ring only 7 times!(Fernando walked in the ring 9 times) His first time was at 7 months old and he took reserve to a 4 point major, after that there was just no stopping him. Finishing under 2 foreign judges (no politics involved)just adds to the thrill. Our dogs have proven their quality, AGAIN! Savion was a special dog right from the start being C’est la vie’s singleton puppy and the pressure for him to be extra special was there from the beginning. He has more than filled out those tap shoes, in fact, he is so full of himself I think he could fit into “Shaq’s” size 22 shoes!! Lily is no slouch either! She walked into the ring 10 times. Her carriage and topline were unbeatable. Both of these dogs are to young to special or be used in the breeding program, so I’m hoping, now that I have less grooming, to start them both doing a little agility.

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